Lana’s New Push: Vince’s Game of Russian Roulette

The chants of Lana can be heard loud and clear all across the WWE universe. Her character is beginning to transform and don’t think the evil genius Mr. McMahon hasn’t noticed.  There has been continuous talk of long term plans to make her the female face of the WWE. Is it too early? Will itContinue reading “Lana’s New Push: Vince’s Game of Russian Roulette”

Tom Brady Guilty?….Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! Disaster Strikes for Tom Brady….Deflagrate investigation concluded! NFL Draft is a wrap…..Surprises? Steals?…Will Winston be the answer for the Bucs? Mayweather wins…Was this a staged fight for a rematch? Pacquiao shoulder injury? LeSean McCoy calls Racism on Chip Kelly…IsContinue reading “Tom Brady Guilty?….Sum of All Sports Report”

WWE Draft: Bring Back the Suspense

Who is going to be picked? Who is going to change brands? Will there be a trade? These are all questions that remained open when speaking of the WWE Draft. Back when WWE had 2 exciting brand extensions, the list of questions and intrigue leading up to the draft were endless for wrestling fans allContinue reading “WWE Draft: Bring Back the Suspense”

WWE Diva Disappearance…..

The Diva’s Division, which was once held in high regard, has become an afterthought in an industry where it had once flourished to new heights and expectations.  It is ashame when you think of how entertaining the division once was in the past and now has floundered to the bottom of the creative wheel, withContinue reading “WWE Diva Disappearance…..”