Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream

The wrestling world was hit with some saddening news of the passing of Dusty Rhodes. His death was unexpected and the ripple will be felt for years to come. He revitalized the art of professional wrestling and was continuing his trait through NXT. His presence was felt throughout the next generation of WWE superstars whoContinue reading “Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream”

Lana’s New Push: Vince’s Game of Russian Roulette

The chants of Lana can be heard loud and clear all across the WWE universe. Her character is beginning to transform and don’t think the evil genius Mr. McMahon hasn’t noticed.  There has been continuous talk of long term plans to make her the female face of the WWE. Is it too early? Will itContinue reading “Lana’s New Push: Vince’s Game of Russian Roulette”

Samoa Joe: The Samoan Submissions Machine’s Next Stop

It sounds all too familiar and resonates well among many TNA followers. What’s that you ask? It’s the footsteps of another franchise wrestler walking away from the company. How can Dixie Carter let Samoa Joe leave? How will his void be filled? These are the similar questions we all asked ourselves when A.J Styles decidedContinue reading “Samoa Joe: The Samoan Submissions Machine’s Next Stop”

Team 3D Bringing the Tables to the Rumble?

  We are only 5 days away from the 2015 Royal Rumble and the rumors from every active internet site that carries a WWE theme will continue to build momentum. The question is which ones are credible and which ones are trash. As I just wrote that last line, I can see many of theContinue reading “Team 3D Bringing the Tables to the Rumble?”

WWE Rewind…Vince McMahon Turns Back the Clock

  There have been numerous articles written over the last several months about how the WWE is getting tough to follow and watch. Along with these articles come the numerous comments of bloggers telling you not to watch or asking why you still follow. However, the reality is we all still watch in some formContinue reading “WWE Rewind…Vince McMahon Turns Back the Clock”

WWE Rewrites History: “Macho Man” Spins His Way into The Hall of Fame

Miss Elizabeth adjusted her crown. Scary Sherri gave a blink of her mascara darkened eyes. The Hulkster, one half of the mega powers, is saying his prayers. All these unique acts of wrestling history symbolize something wrestling fans all over the world have been waiting on edge to see happen. The legend, “Macho Man” RandyContinue reading “WWE Rewrites History: “Macho Man” Spins His Way into The Hall of Fame”

WWE Creative Direction Questioned: Fan Frustration Continues

With the many discussions of promos being scripted, unusual heel turns, and ongoing power struggles, it brings us to beg the question, “Has WWE creative lost their mind?” I know there have been plenty of questions raised and usually I just write them off, but this is starting to get ridiculous. Wrestling fans can lookContinue reading “WWE Creative Direction Questioned: Fan Frustration Continues”

Breaking the Streak: Dolph Ziggler Ready to “Show Off”

In a recent revelation, it has been said that the WWE is looking to rewrite history by starting a new title reign that will outlast the streak put in motion by C.M. Punk. Is it a coincidence that the WWE would devise a plan to shatter a record held by their former disgruntled employee? IContinue reading “Breaking the Streak: Dolph Ziggler Ready to “Show Off””

WWE Draft: Bring Back the Suspense

Who is going to be picked? Who is going to change brands? Will there be a trade? These are all questions that remained open when speaking of the WWE Draft. Back when WWE had 2 exciting brand extensions, the list of questions and intrigue leading up to the draft were endless for wrestling fans allContinue reading “WWE Draft: Bring Back the Suspense”

Vince McMahon Buys Into UFC?

What if Vince McMahon bought into the UFC? What if that was the plan all along? Let’s all face the facts that the World of Professional Wrestling does not offer the same token of excitement that it once did when it was an era maligned in tumultuous success. The wrestlers basically marketed themselves and theContinue reading “Vince McMahon Buys Into UFC?”