Who are Your Top 5 Wide Recievers in the NFL?

In what should be a very active offseason, the Eagles have a lot of decisions to make. Who gets paid, cut, and/or allowed to walk. What is your biggest concern? On the other side of the parking lot, the Phillies are looking to build a winner too. Do they sign a top of the rotationContinue reading “Who are Your Top 5 Wide Recievers in the NFL?”

Eagles and the New Norm!

We are Super Bowl Champions and nobody can take that away. From a quick season recap to the final bounce of the ball, we give you our opinions from the game. Where we you when the clock hit zero? What was your defining moment? Did you feel Nick would be able to go blow toContinue reading “Eagles and the New Norm!”

Will the Eagles be intimidated by the Patriots?

This is Super Bowl week and all the questions will be answered on Sunday. Will the Eagles be intimidated by the New England prestige? Who will be calling checkmate, Bill or Doug? Will Jim Schwartz be able to outduel Josh McDaniels? The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) brings unique views and opinions to the forefront as weContinue reading “Will the Eagles be intimidated by the Patriots?”

Are the Eagles a Team of Destiny?

Can Nick Foles win 1 more game? Is this group of unsung heroes and unselfish castoffs a team of destiny? Is Carson Wentz still the MVP? Does Doug have more swag than Andy? The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) continues to bring unique views and opinions to the forefront as the stage gets set for Super BowlContinue reading “Are the Eagles a Team of Destiny?”

Doug Pederson Looking for an Apology

Does Doug Pederson finally deserve some respect? Did the Eagles make the right pick some 19 years later, ala Pederson/McNabb? Is Antonio Brown the best receiver in football? The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) continues to bring unique views and opinions to the forefront as the stage gets set for the Championship Round of the NFL Playoffs.Continue reading “Doug Pederson Looking for an Apology”

Defense Wins Championships!

  As the day after the Super Bowl is upon us, it should definitely be a wakeup call for the Philadelphia Eagles organization and its defensive mindset. The Seattle Seahawks did what a lot of people said they would not be able to do, which is stop Peyton Manning and his arsenal of weapons. TheContinue reading “Defense Wins Championships!”

Flacco on the Eagles Radar?

As the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly continue to fill up their coaching staff,  there have been many different stories elaborating on the decision to keep Michael Vick or to stick with Nick Foles.  Chip Kelly has been very secretive in his approach so far this offseason and has let out very little information asContinue reading “Flacco on the Eagles Radar?”

Defensive Search Heats Up

  As we wait in suspense to see who will be running the defensive side of the ball,  Chip Kelly continues to unofficially add coaches to his staff everyday.  The question of ,  whether or not the Eagles are going to a 3-4 base defense keeps coming up and continues to wait in limbo,  as the searchContinue reading “Defensive Search Heats Up”