Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report

The hits and misses keep on adding up through the first 5 weeks of the 2016 Fantasy season. We continue to have underperformers whose hope is slowly dying and overachievers whose confidence is flying high. It finally time to cut bait on the dead weight? Remember, in most leagues there are only 7 regular seasonContinue reading “Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report”

Fantasy Football Edition: Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! Who is Fantasy’s Top QB?…..#andrewluck #peytonmanning, #russellwilson Who is Fantasy’s Top WR?….#dezbryant, #demaryiousthomas, #antoniobrown Who is Fantasy’s Top RB?…#jamalcharles, #mattforte, #demarcomurray Will #adrianpeterson continue to be a RB1? Can #odellbeckham continue on his rise to prominence? Is strength ofContinue reading “Fantasy Football Edition: Sum of All Sports Report”

NFL Championship Weekend…Road to Arizona Continues

The stage is set and ready for Prime Time. The road to the Superbowl continues on Sunday when arguably 4 of the Top 5 quarterbacks will be on display for the entire world to watch. Last weekend we seen an underdog in the Ravens squander a game away and possibly a true legend of theContinue reading “NFL Championship Weekend…Road to Arizona Continues”

NFL Divisional Playoff Analysis

Well it’s almost time for another round of NFL Playoffs and a weekend that should leave us in a pool of excitement. The level of talent left in these 4 games should live up to their reputation and should not disappoint. If playing against some stiff competition wasn’t enough, Mother Nature has voiced her displeasureContinue reading “NFL Divisional Playoff Analysis”

Complete “Playoff” Fantasy Football Rankings Unleashed

As we gear up for the first playoff game on Saturday, here are my complete Playoff Ranking for Each Position. There are many variables that go into these rankings such as the projected number of games, matchups, offense styles, and of course Vegas Odds. One thing to always remember when picking players based on winsContinue reading “Complete “Playoff” Fantasy Football Rankings Unleashed”

Power of Playoff Fantasy Football

I decided to forget analyzing the waste of a fantasy week known as week 17 and put my efforts into something more meaningful. With all the unimportant statistical outputs, lackluster play, and meaningless player commitments, it seemed like a waste of time to even summarize. So instead, let’s dive right into one of the mostContinue reading “Power of Playoff Fantasy Football”

Week 16 Fantasy Fallout

  Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Wilson……339 yds 2 TD…88 Rushing yds, 1 TD = 43.8 pts Tannehill……396 yds 4 TD/ 1 INT = 41.9 pts Romo……218 yds 4 TD…28 Rushing yds = 37.7 pts RB Anderson….83 yds, 1 TD….8 rec, 55 yds, = 27.8 pts Miller……..92 yds, 1 TD…5 rec, 58 yds= 26 pts Lynch…..113 yds, 2 TD… = 23.3Continue reading “Week 16 Fantasy Fallout”