Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream

The wrestling world was hit with some saddening news of the passing of Dusty Rhodes. His death was unexpected and the ripple will be felt for years to come. He revitalized the art of professional wrestling and was continuing his trait through NXT. His presence was felt throughout the next generation of WWE superstars whoContinue reading “Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream”

WWE Rewrites History: “Macho Man” Spins His Way into The Hall of Fame

Miss Elizabeth adjusted her crown. Scary Sherri gave a blink of her mascara darkened eyes. The Hulkster, one half of the mega powers, is saying his prayers. All these unique acts of wrestling history symbolize something wrestling fans all over the world have been waiting on edge to see happen. The legend, “Macho Man” RandyContinue reading “WWE Rewrites History: “Macho Man” Spins His Way into The Hall of Fame”

Top 5 Royal Rumble Fantasy Entrants

The WWE Royal Rumble is one of the most prestigious and anticipated Pay-Per-Views of the year. There is always a sense of excitement throughout the arena as the fans anticipate the arrival of the next entrant.  Over the years the names of surprise entrants and special appearances is endless. Obviously some years better than others,Continue reading “Top 5 Royal Rumble Fantasy Entrants”

The Missing Piece….

  In the sport of professional wrestling, there have been many wrestlers to cross promotions throughout the years in the hopes of bettering themselves and their careers.  It is a trend that has been active as far back as Ric Flair jumping from NWA to WWE, and to a lesser degree, Shane Douglas going from NWAContinue reading “The Missing Piece….”