Will the Phillies Have to Wait for 2019 to Compete?

The National Pastime is just getting underway and the Phillies are looking to compete for a playoff spot. They have spent over $200 million in the offseason and have a lot of hope placed in their youth. However, longtime Baseball Executive Pat Gillick seems to think we are ahead of ourselves and 2019 will be the year. Are you siding with Pat? Could 2019 be … Continue reading Will the Phillies Have to Wait for 2019 to Compete?

Is Playoff Baseball a Possibility for the Phillies?

On the way to being competitive, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before the Phillies opened up their wallets. But did they open it up on the right guy at the right time? Does Jake Arrieta make them an instant contender in the National League? In a move to show they are ready to compete for a second title, the … Continue reading Is Playoff Baseball a Possibility for the Phillies?

Can the Phillies live up to their Power Potential?

The Phillies are in Spring Training and are filled with youth. What can we expect from them as far as wins? They have alot of players with big potential. Will their power be as advertised? With the Eagles strapped against the cap, it is going to take a lot of maneuvering to get the team where it needs to be. The Linebacker position is a … Continue reading Can the Phillies live up to their Power Potential?

Papelbon Quietly Delivers

  In a year where the Philadelphia Phillies have been nothing short of exhausting to follow and watch, Jonathan Papelbon has been one of the bright spots for a Phillies bullpen that wasn’t give much hope when the players reported to Spring Training. Papelbon earned his 30th save of the year last week with a scoreless ninth inning against the Mariners on Wednesday and helped … Continue reading Papelbon Quietly Delivers

Phillies Fan Base Frustration Continues to Grow!

This is usually the time we as Phillies fans tend to get excited thinking about the prospects of what the season holds. As we all brace through this brutally cold and active winter, the sound of excitement for this upcoming training camp is nonexistent and the hopes of this fan base are lower than the amount of salt still left in the dunes at Penn … Continue reading Phillies Fan Base Frustration Continues to Grow!

Amaro’s Armageddon ….

The end is near! We see it on every movie about the end of the world, every super-hero movie, and well on any sports network anytime a GM makes a move that reeks of desperation and is unsuccessful. Well, in my opinion, we’ve officially hit that point with Ruben Amaro’s last two signings. The countdown clock to the end has officially begun. Why do I … Continue reading Amaro’s Armageddon ….

Misfires and Misjudgements…..

In 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series and were the hottest sports franchise in the city.  They hold a dear place in our hearts and relate to the fans on numerous levels.  Citizens Bank Park was hitting record sellouts for years ahead, the pennant was taken for granted,  and management was willing to do whatever it took to keep the winning trend continue into … Continue reading Misfires and Misjudgements…..

Manuel’s Last Ride?

Throughout the years in Philadelphia,  there have been many coaching era’s in all sports,  but few have had the success of Charlie Manuel.  Charlie is a baseball relic,  who has knowledge in his repertoire that hasn’t even begun to be tapped into.  Manuel was a world-class standout in Japan as a player and started to get noticed in the majors with his stint managing the Cleveland Indians.  He … Continue reading Manuel’s Last Ride?

Beginning of the Decline?

The Philadelphia Phillies had enjoyed success by winning the World Series in 2008 and earning another trip back there in 2009 against the New York Yankees.  In disappointing fashion,  the Phillies lost in 6 games,  partly because Pedro Martinez just didn’t have it anymore.  This lead the organization to reevalute themselves,  trying to figure out what they could do to achieve another successful trip to the … Continue reading Beginning of the Decline?