Defensive Search Heats Up

  As we wait in suspense to see who will be running the defensive side of the ball,  Chip Kelly continues to unofficially add coaches to his staff everyday.  The question of ,  whether or not the Eagles are going to a 3-4 base defense keeps coming up and continues to wait in limbo,  as the searchContinue reading “Defensive Search Heats Up”

First Piece of the Puzzle

The mold of Chip Kelly‘s coaching staff is starting to take shape, giving us an idea of what direction he may be headed into this season. When he was introduced as Eagles coach, he let everyone know he had already stared to conduct his search for the many positions on his staff.  After the dustContinue reading “First Piece of the Puzzle”

Orange and Black Holiday

  The Philadelphia Eagles may have stolen the headlines all week with the hiring of Chip Kelly, but today the whole city is filled with emotion and angst, looking forward to the opening of the their beloved Flyers season. Philadelphia is a city filled with football, baseball, basketball, and hockey fans that clamour together asContinue reading “Orange and Black Holiday”

Lights, Camera, Action…..

In the words of Eagles owner Jeff Lurie,  “This is an exciting day for the Philadelphia Eagles Franchise.”  The page has been turned in the Andy Reid era and has been officially flipped over to the Chip Kelly chapter.  We, in Philadelphia, have been clamouring for this moment over the last couple of years.  Along with every,Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Action…..”

The Saga Ends……..

The shot heard around the world is the news that Chip Kelly does a 180 degree turn faster than Knight Rider,  and decides to leave Oregon after all  to become the next Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Like I previously stated in my earlier article,  this is a huge risk,  but could be a tremendous reward.  TheContinue reading “The Saga Ends……..”

The Grand Finale….

Will today be the day the Eagles Franchise begins another chapter in history?  According to numerous NFL sources,  the Eagles are close to deciding who will be the leader chosen to bring back stability and success to their organization.  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of interviews and speculations of who tops the list of candidatesContinue reading “The Grand Finale….”

A Giant Smoke Screen…..

In the December 31st press conference to announce the firing of Andy Reid,  Jeffery Lurie used words like, innovative, enthusiastic, and strong leadership to describe what the Philadelphia Eagles were looking for in the next head coach.  Could it be that he was actually talking about Brian Kelly, head coach of Notre Dame?  The Eagles haveContinue reading “A Giant Smoke Screen…..”