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Who are Your Top 5 Wide Recievers in the NFL?


In what should be a very active offseason, the Eagles have a lot of decisions to make. Who gets paid, cut, and/or allowed to walk. What is your biggest concern? On the other side of the parking lot, the Phillies are looking to build a winner too. Do they sign a top of the rotation guy named Jake?

How about the NBA? Were the Michael Jordan years the best the league has ever seen? Have people lost a respect for the game based on the play? Would you want or allow the Eagles to sign Dez Bryant if he gets cut? Is Kennan Allen the best WR in the NFL? If so, where does Larry Fitz grade out?

Lastly, Fantasy Baseball is right around the corner and 2 Top Sluggers have new homes. Who is the better play, Hosmer or Martinez?  There is so much packed into 1 hour!

The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) brings a set of unique views and opinions each week to focus on all the top sports stories from the news. Listen in as Tony (@TCutillo23) says put Larry Fitz in his Top 3 for WRs while John (@PGHJohn36) says he belongs after the Top 5. From a Classic Tony rant to a Dez Bryant option, it’s all here just waiting for your take….

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Will the Eagles be intimidated by the Patriots?


This is Super Bowl week and all the questions will be answered on Sunday. Will the Eagles be intimidated by the New England prestige? Who will be calling checkmate, Bill or Doug? Will Jim Schwartz be able to outduel Josh McDaniels?

The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) brings unique views and opinions to the forefront as we focus on the Lombardi trophy. Listen in as Tony (@TCutillo23) says he feels Nick Foles could get lost in the moment, while John (@PGHJohn36) says he will remain focused and conquer. From MVP picks and the state of digital communication to an introductory Fantasy Baseball discussion, it’s all here just waiting for your take….

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As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy debates. My show The Heat Ratio can be heard weekly at Wildfire Radio Sports Wednesdays 12 P.M. – 1 P.M. LIVE (also available for download on the site and via iTunes), Tuesdays 8 P.M. on Phillyinfluencer.com (PiLive) and via the internet stream live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00 P.M. EST for a weekend sports wrap.


Doug Pederson Looking for an Apology


Does Doug Pederson finally deserve some respect? Did the Eagles make the right pick some 19 years later, ala Pederson/McNabb? Is Antonio Brown the best receiver in football? The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) continues to bring unique views and opinions to the forefront as the stage gets set for the Championship Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Listen in as Tony (@TCutillo23) says WR’s have to stop being Divas and get back to going across the middle while John (@PGHJohn36) says he understands why teams don’t want to put their star receiver at risk. From Fantasy Playoff matchups to Game reviews and predictions, it’s all here just waiting for your take….


As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy debates. My show The Heat Ratio can be heard weekly at Wildfire Radio Sports Wednesdays 12 P.M. – 1 P.M. LIVE (also available for download on the site and via iTunes), Tuesdays 8 P.M. on Phillyinfluencer.com (PiLive) and via the internet stream live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00 P.M. EST for a weekend sports wrap.


Will the Eagles Overcome the Odds?


Can the Eagles beat the Falcons? Do people really think Nick Foles would get benched? Is Nick Saban the greatest NCAA coach ever? Did Tom Brady fear Jimmy Garoppolo? The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) continues to bring unique views and opinions to the forefront as the stage gets set for Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs.

Listen in as Tony (@TCutillo23) says the Jaguars will upset the Steelers while (@PGHJohn36) says Atlanta will send the Eagles packing. From Fantasy match-ups and Running Back history to Playoff Predictions, it’s all here just waiting for your take….


As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy debates. My show The Heat Ratio can be heard weekly at Wildfire Radio Sports Wednesdays 12 P.M. – 1 P.M. LIVE (also available for download on the site and via iTunes), Tuesdays 8 P.M. on Phillyinfluencer.com (PiLive) and via the internet stream live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00 P.M. EST for a weekend sports wrap.


Marcus Mariota vs. Nick Foles: What Deal Does Philly Do?


I have remained fairly silent in the Marcus Mariota case for some time, but now it’s time to step up and keep it real. The constant bickering amongst radio hosts, television personalities, newspaper reporters and fans is becoming redundant to say the least. To be honest, it has become downright nauseating.  There is one constant that remains in the midst of this discussion and that is winning.  The City of chipBrotherly Love has some of the most passionate and intelligent fans around and they have no problem making their opinions felt.  Chip Kelly was brought here 2 years ago with the goal of bringing a long-awaited Super Bowl to the City of Philadelphia. He was sold to the fans as an innovator of offensive production and a mad scientist in regards to scheme. When a scientist is conducting an experiment, doesn’t he need the proper chemicals to produce his hypothesis? Or can he use similar ingredients to produce the same result? These are the same 2 questions that will inevitably seal the fate of the Philadelphia Eagles and their new era coach.

The Eagles have completed their second straight 10-6 season, but fell short of making the playoffs. After recapping the season, the slowed direction can be pointed to many areas such as the Defense and injuries as to why it wasn’t as successful as their roster dictated. We all know about the mid-season collapse and the cornerback tandem that couldn’t get in front of an 85-year-old woman in a breakfast buffet line. Yes, if the CB’s hold up and do not cost us 2 games we would have indeed made the playoffs. So in hindsight, we get to lose another playoff game and get an even worse pick than we have right now. I’m sorry, but that still doesn’t help me classify it as a successful season.

We still have an issue no matter what way you look at it. That issue is Nick Foles. I know foleseveryone is going to talk about his illustrious 27-2 TD/INT ratio and his electric 119 QB rating from 2013. Next will be the decimated offensive line he played with in 2014 before he was injured. Either way, I have one question for all of you; “If you were a GM, would you be willing to put your future in the hands of Nick Foles? Is he the guy you pay to take you to the big dance?” If you have any hesitation to these questions, then you need to go all in and at least make the effort to get Marcus Mariota.

Marcus Mariota could be the future franchise QB of the Eagles or he could be the next Matt Leinart. This scenario always comes into play, but I feel you are doing the franchise a disservice if you do not even make an effort to try. In my opinion, we will never get an opportunity to see Chip run the offense he wants to run if Mariota isn’t wearing green next year. If that’s the case, why even bring Chip Kelly here. Without the right piece to the blueprint, it becomes just another average drawing that is overpriced and underused.

One of the other concerns I hear many people speculate on is mortgaging the future on a guy who may not even work out. Those people need to tell me what the Eagles will be giving up that is so damaging to the franchise? Two #1 draft picks, who for sake of argument will be in the late 20’s and most likely will wind up being a red-shirted NFL freshman or a retired fireman who may have a dream.  Come on people, grow a set and take a chance. You wanted Chip here and you got him. Now let him prove you wrong by giving him what he needs to run his system.

After watching the NFL Playoffs, the teams involved had one thing the Eagles didn’t, a Franchise QB. The only stiff that wasn’t was Andy Dalton and you see how far he took the Bengals. Please tell me who, fletcherout of that group, you would take Nick Foles over? I understand Foles is a good QB and has shown flashes of brilliance, but is there enough evidence for you to pay him like Aaron Rodgers or even Matt Ryan? If you have to pay that kind of money for a QB, especially one who is shaky, what will be left to pay guys like Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks? Now we are talking about sacrificing the heart of your defense and interior of its youth. Any good analyst will tell you that you can build a great defense through rounds 2-5 in the draft, all of which are doable without a first round pick.

The whole dynamic of this upcoming draft and trade up possibilities have the city of Philadelphia buzzing louder than a beehive full of infected yellow jackets feasting on some honey.  In my perfect scenario the Eagles can draft Mariota, resign Sanchez, and build the defense through the draft and free agency.  Will it happen, who knows? As a football fan and media personality, I just wanted to make my opinion felt with an open format instead of a bunch of statistical data and historical premises. Hopefully I have succeeded in my mission. I will now bow out gracefully and wait for the barrage of comments that are already headed my way……

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)


Week 14 Fantasy Fallout

Week 14 Fantasy Football Recap

Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs



  • Newton……226 yds 3 TD…83 yds Rushing, 1 TD = 43.6 pts
  • Ryan……375 yds 4 TD/1 INT…23 yds Rushing = 43.1 pts
  • Rogers……327 yds 3 TD…23 yds Rushing  = 32.7 pts


  • L. Bell….185 yds, 2 TD….6 rec, 50 yds, 1 TD = 47.5 pts
  • Murray……..179 yds, 1 TD….9 rec, 49 yds, = 37.8 pts
  • J. Bell…..83 yds, 1 TD…5 rec, 50 yds = 30.3 pts


  • Jones…..11 rec, 259 yds, 1 TD = 42.9 pts
  • Green.…..11 rec, 224 yds 1 TD = 39.4 pts
  • Hilton…..10 rec, 150 yds, 2 TD = 37 pts
  • Nelson….8 rec, 146 yds, 2 TD = 34.6 pts
  • Beckham….11 rec, 130 yds, 1 TD = 30.9




  • P. Manning…..173 yds, 2 INT = 4.5 pts
  • Kaepernick….. 174 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT, 26 Rushing yd = 13.3 pts
  • Rivers….189 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT = 14.3 pts


  • Morris…..6 yds…..1 rec, 11 yds = 2.7 pts
  • D. Robinson……30 yds…= 3.0 pts
  • McCoy…..50 yds….= 5.0 pts


  • Allen….2 rec, 13 yds = 2.3 pts
  • D. Thomas…..2 rec, 11 yds = 3.1 pts
  • Gordon……2 rec, 15 yds = 3.5 pts
  • Sanu…..2 rec, 16 yds = 3.6 pts
  • A. Johnson…..4 rec, 17 yds = 5.7 pts
  • Wallace….3 rec, 39 yds = 6.9 pts
  • Fitzgerald…4 rec, 34 yds = 7.8 pts

 *****All points based on CBS Sports PPR Scoring system…

Things we have learned from Week 14……..

  • Mark Sanchez has proved to the Philadelphia Eagles brass that he is not a solution going forward. The Seattle Defense is playing at an all time high level, but they can still be beat. Mark showed why he is relegated to backup duty once Nick Foles comes back healthy!


  • Peyton Manning and Drew Brees turned in 2 of the lousiest performances of their perspective fantasy careers. If you had told me last week that the two would combine for only 408 passing yards and 1 TD, I would have called you certifiably insane. The fact is that Denver is in love with CJ Anderson and Manning always slows down toward playoff time.


  • Aaron Rodgers is playing in league all on his own. This guy has been nothing short of perfect and holds the all time Passer Rating record at 106.7. He has thrown a spectacular 223 TD’s and only 55 INT’s throughout his career so far. Rodgers could very well go down as the best QB ever to play the game!


Le’veon Bell cannot be stopped. He has taken over the crown as Fantasy’s Top RB….Percy Harvin gets hurt more than a 90 year old man in a nursing home walking without his cane….The Denver Broncos will keep feeding CJ Anderson in their own version of beast mode…..Julio Jones shows the NFL he still has game. He was playing like a man possessed on Monday night to the tune of 11/259/1….The Cincinnati Bengals are about as consistent as our judicial system..They always have a 50/50 chance at a win……Bishop Sankey is about as good as a fantasy player as Betty White is a stripper….Rob Ryan has locked up his tenure in New Orleans. The only thing that upsets him is leaving the good BBQ behind….There has been an APB put out on the following players: Jimmy Graham, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon. They haven’t been seen since Week 13……Brian Hoyer gave every reason to get benched this week and prove that the decision for him to remain a starter must have been made under an intense drinking binge. Johnny Football is ready to make it rain!!!!!!

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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Eagles’ Jenkins Proves To Be the Answer

jenkins 2

T.J. Ward and Jairus Byrd were the two names spiraling out of control all around the NovaCare center on the eve of NFL Free Agency. Fans and media alike, were all waiting in angst hoping for an announcement that the Eagles have locked up one of these two, thought to be, best safeties on the market. Instead the name they heard was former New Orleans Saint, Malcolm Jenkins. I must admit, this signing did not signify greatness to  me, but instead seemed like another marginal upgrade that would bode well for Howie Roseman and his illustrious salary cap.

Fortunately for the Eagles, it looks after 3 games that Malcolm Jenkins has not only proved to be an A+ signing, but he has outplayed the other two prize possessions that were ranked before him by all of the prognosticators as well. As T.J. and Jairus are still looking for their first game changing interception, Malcolm recorded an interception for the third straight game, this time stepping in front of a Colin Kapernick pass and going 53 yards through traffic for a touchdown.

Obviously we are only 3 games into a 16 game season, but one thing is for sure: Jenkins was the right player to add to their secondary and implement their scheme. The former first round pick out of Ohio State was let go by the New Orleans Saints because he supposedly didn’t fit Rob Ryan’s system, which from the onset sounded like a problem that concerned many people in the media. His skills and mental attributes all started to come under scrutiny, as the Saints decided to go in another direction and sign Byrd instead.

Malcolm was drafted as a CB, but later was molded into a Safety because of his freakish speed and coverage ability. The Eagles haven’t had a Safety presence like Jenkins since the departure of the great Brian Dawkins, whose ball hawking skills and smash mouth style will never be duplicated. Ironically, Jenkins is the hardest-hitting safety the Eagles have featured since Dawkins left via free agency following the 2008 season, along with  similar leadership qualities as well as the ability to make big plays.

“It’s a mentality that, yeah, every time we have the ball we want to score. We’re the defense and we don’t touch the ball that much,” Jenkins said. “Every time we touch it, we want to score. That’s why you see guys turning and blocking and trying to escort the ballcarrier into the end zone. It’s a big deal when we’re able to do that and hopefully turn a game around.”

Watching him live, on film, or during replays, you can sense the passion he has for the position and the game. I have seen him jump routes with efficiency, direct the defense on coverage audibles, come up in the box to stop the run, and even make an important stop on special teams. He has definitely adapted to the soaring mentality of the Philadelphia Eagles and their fan base.

If you are expecting another #20, you will be disappointed. However, if you are looking an exciting playmaker, smart decision maker,  and a general on the football field, Malcolm Jenkins is starting to turn heads and making all the prognosticators look silly!

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

Speed Kills: Chip Kelly’s Secret Revolution

chip kelly2

Chip Kelly has taken the National Football League and its followers by storm. In some ways, Chip is revolutionizing the sport into what everyone involved ever wanted; a high scoring and exciting game, with very little timeouts or huddles.

The journey started in D-1AA as a successful offensive coordinator who found himself the most coveted college football coach in America. In his first game as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks his team managed just 153 yards and scored only 8 points. A season ticket holder wrote him asking for his money back. Kelly was so embarrassed and disappointed that he mailed him a personal check for $439.

In his four years at Oregon, Kelly built an impressive resume as he turned a good program into an elite powerhouse. During his tenure, he coached his way to a 46-7 record, appeared in four consecutive BCS Bowl Games and in 2011 came one possession short of winning the national title. While at Oregon, Kelly developed his own methodical philosophy and one that would eventually turned heads all across the NCAA. Traditionally, a typical college team would run 55-60 plays per game. Kelly, always looking to push the envelope of modernization, wanted 80.

After years of dabbling into the conversations of bringing his style to the NFL, he finally made his mind up when the Philadelphia Eagles hired him away from Oregon in January 2013 to rebuild their dwindling franchise. The doubters were everywhere stating things to the tune of his up-tempo offense wouldn’t work in the NFL and voicing the concerns of lack of confidence within the Eagles locker room. In his first season, Kelly brought his offensive philosophy to the NFL and finished 10-6 with the league’s 4th best offense, giving those same doubters something to think about. They paced the league with 99 plays of 20 yards or more, RB LeSean McCoy led the league in rushing and Pro-Bowl WR DeSean Jackson posted career best receiving numbers. While taking nothing away from these fantastic accomplishments, Kelly’s biggest impact may have been on the Quarterback position.

It is nearly impossible to measure a QB’s impact on a game, but a QB is the main fuel behind the engine that continually wants to run. Without Kelly, Nick Foles posted a middling 79 QB rating, good for 23rd in the league. Under Kelly the rating grew to 119.2-making him the league’s most efficient QB. Foles went on to post some of the most fascinating numbers ever, including a 27 TD-2 INT ratio that is remarkable for any QB, let alone a beginner.

The Chip Kelly Project is the current blueprint for the entire NFL. His schematics have included everything from early night bedtimes and nutritional smoothies for stability. He has made everyone from the opposing teams and coaches, to the valuable men in pinstripes step up their game as they all try to keep up with his evolving system. Chip Kelly continues to be a man of very few words and expressions, but the one constant that continues to impress is his football intelligence.  Everyone has a brain, but just like his football system, the quickness in which the brain can process information is the key to continued success!

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (TCutillo23)

In Chip We Trust?

desean 2

Is the Desean Jackson saga finally coming to an end.? As the weeks have gone on in this situation, we have had more and more National sports Outlets elaborate on this story, which leads me to believe this is real. The Philadelphia Eagles usually do really well at keeping things under wraps, but this time the story has spun out of control.

Jackson signed a $48.5-million contract with $18 million in guarantees in March of 2012. The receiver said he’s proven that he should be paid as a top-shelf receiver. Jackson told Nfl.com in January of this year:

“I’m going into the third year of my deal. Just feel it’s deserving. So we’ll see,” Jackson said. “I feel like I’ve proved everything on the field. To do some of the things that top receivers in this league do, I think like I’m right there at the top. So we’ll see how it goes.”

I think desean3this is where the wheels began to come off on the Desean Jackson bus.  Jackson’s $9.7 million contract in 2014 puts him seventh in average salary among wide receivers, not extremely pocket change for a charismatic talent.  The wide receiver position is known to contain a “Diva Persona”, something it seems Chip Kelly is not willing to deal with. The news is filled with reports today of Desean being moved way before the draft. Sal Paolantonio, ESPN National Reporter, was quoted as saying, “Desean Jackson’s act is wearing thin with Chip Kelly.”

The question is what will the Eagles receive and who will be able to replace him? Furthermore, if there was any time to replace desean4a speedster like Jackson, the Eagle have picked the time to do it. National analysts have already said that this is the deepest draft for the Wide Receiver position that the league has seen in years.  Desean led the team last year with 82 catches and 1332 yards. I n my opinion, the move is inevitable, but I cannot see the offense being able to replace his presence in the lineup.

Reported By: Tony Cutillo

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Defensive Upgrade?


As the free agency period was approaching, there were many rumblings and opinions on who the Eagles would/should sign. I would say that 95% of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base was clamoring for T.J Ward or Jairus Byrd. These 2 players were thought to be rated the top at their position respectively, but the Eagles had other directions on their blueprint.jenkins1 Who was the guy whom they have been quoted as telling was their #1 target of the offseason? Well Eagles fans, meet your new starting Safety, former New Orleans Saint Malcolm Jenkins. Obviously, this isn’t the player everyone was hoping for when the clock struck 4:00ET, but this who the Eagles think can be their leader on defense, something they haven’t had since Brian Dawkins.

The Eagles were supposedly in contact with him on March 8 right after the non tampering had begun. Knowing all along that he was their guy, they signed him to a 3yr deal worth $16.5 million with $8.5 million guaranteed. Let’s take a look at what others around the NFL are saying:jenkins3

–good zone awareness to anticipate routes

–good range to get over the top in coverage

–tight in the hips which forced his move to safety

–tough tackler who gets his nose on the ball

–solid teammate, strong influence in the locker room

–defensive captain the last 2 years

As you can see, he has decent credentials and is definitely an upgrade from the departed Patrick Chung and Nate Allen. The only question I have is, “Why did the Saints let him go without any effort to resign him?” Also isn’t it ironic that they instead signed Byrd to a monster deal to be their leader, the guy Philly fans were begging for?

Reported By: Tony Cutillo

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