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Will the Phillies Have to Wait for 2019 to Compete?


The National Pastime is just getting underway and the Phillies are looking to compete for a playoff spot. They have spent over $200 million in the offseason and have a lot of hope placed in their youth. However, longtime Baseball Executive Pat Gillick seems to think we are ahead of ourselves and 2019 will be the year. Are you siding with Pat? Could 2019 be the year of Bryce Harper in a Phillies uniform?

Fantasy Baseball drafts are going on as we speak and not everyone is looking at the closer position. When drafting a closer, what are the specifics you adhere to in order to get your guy? Who is the top closer in the game today? Who is your favorite from years past?

Ah, a day in the life of the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Coming into this offseason, the biggest opponent of the Philadelphia Eagles was the cap. However, Howie and company showed the power to overcome the confines of a financial squeeze and come out ahead. Are the Eagles a better team now as constructed?

The NFL offseason has become must see TV. With the new stress put on the trading market and constant release and resigning period always sparking up interest, organizational moves always seems to be plentiful. Kirk Cousins getting a guaranteed deal, Talib/Peters forming a dominant CB tandem we haven’t seen in years, McKinnon becoming Mr. Shanahan’s new toy and the Arizona Cardinals signing two underwhelming arms to throw the ball to Fitz. What move was most surprising to you?

Can anyone say they have been disappointed in the NCAA Tournament so far? This year has been as unpredictable as ever and has busted more brackets earlier than I can remember. From UMBC’s improbable slaughtering of #1 Virginia to Nevada’s ridiculous comeback win against #2 Cincinnati, what have been your favorite moments so far?


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Taking a Back Seat?

English: 2008 World Series. The scoreboard at ...
English: 2008 World Series. The scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park declaring the Philadelphia Phillies world champions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It wasn’t that long ago when the Philadelphia Phillies were considered the upper echelon of the National League East and, for that matter, all of baseball.  They were the team with the unstoppable core of young players looking to win multiple championships.  In 2008,  they did just that, being crowned ” the world champions of baseball, ” ever so eloquently by the late,  great,  Harry Kalas.  However,  they have been on a steady decline ever since their moment of glory,  scratching and crawling to get their crown back in their sights.

After winning the World Series in 2008,  Ruben Amaro Jr. took over for Pat Gillick as General Manger and decided to shift focus into a win now philosophy because the average age of the roster and most of the core players was around 28 years old.  This is widely considered the prime age for most players and the Phillies decided to take a win at all costs approach to climb atop of the mountain at least one more time.  They did get back to the World Series the following year (2009),  but went down swinging to the New York Yankees. In the game of baseball,  it is extremely hard to win back to back championships,  which makes it unbelievably special that the Yankees won it three years in row in 1998, 1999,  and 2000.

The Phillies management,  led by Dave Montgomery (President) and Ruben Amaro Jr. (General Manager),  started to spoil us with the big and bold move every year,  making us come to expect it and be disappointed when it didn’t come to fruition.  Consequently,  this year has been a different course of events,  as the Phillies brass decided to make several small moves instead of their normal big splash.  It looks as though,  this is a transition year where the Phillies look to lean on production from some of their high profiled horses,  specifically Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.  The team has alot of money invested in these two players,  and needs them to give back some return on their investment.  One of the problems is,   these guys are becoming injury prone and vulnerable,  two things that are common with aging veterans.  Unfortunately,  the Phillies do not have the youth to replace any of the aging either,  as they traded away most of their high prospects over the last few years for guys like Roy Halladay,  Cliff LeeRoy Oswalt,  and Hunter Pence respectively.  I am not saying any of these prospects would have turned into high-caliber players,  but it has definitely hurt the depth and foundation of the current roster.

In retrospect,  the Phillies have done everything in their power to win as many games as possible,  and for that they should be commended.  This team and organization has come along way with the way they handle their players and adore their fans.  The team has gone from trotting out players like Paul Abbott and Omar Daal donning their uniform,  to guys like Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee,  who have publicly admitted they would rather play for the Phillies instead of the Yankees.  Looking into the future,  it seems like our chances of being dominant again maybe dropping harder than Manti Teo’s draft stock in April.  However,  no matter what happens,  I think we all have enjoyed the success and definitely loved the ride!

By: Tony Cutillo ( @TCutillo23 )