Speed Kills: Chip Kelly’s Secret Revolution

Chip Kelly has taken the National Football League and its followers by storm. In some ways, Chip is revolutionizing the sport into what everyone involved ever wanted; a high scoring and exciting game, with very little timeouts or huddles. The journey started in D-1AA as a successful offensive coordinator who found himself the most covetedContinue reading “Speed Kills: Chip Kelly’s Secret Revolution”

Lights, Camera, Action…..

In the words of Eagles owner Jeff Lurie,  “This is an exciting day for the Philadelphia Eagles Franchise.”  The page has been turned in the Andy Reid era and has been officially flipped over to the Chip Kelly chapter.  We, in Philadelphia, have been clamouring for this moment over the last couple of years.  Along with every,Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Action…..”

The Saga Ends……..

The shot heard around the world is the news that Chip Kelly does a 180 degree turn faster than Knight Rider,  and decides to leave Oregon after all  to become the next Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Like I previously stated in my earlier article,  this is a huge risk,  but could be a tremendous reward.  TheContinue reading “The Saga Ends……..”