Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream

The wrestling world was hit with some saddening news of the passing of Dusty Rhodes. His death was unexpected and the ripple will be felt for years to come. He revitalized the art of professional wrestling and was continuing his trait through NXT. His presence was felt throughout the next generation of WWE superstars whoContinue reading “Dusty Rhodes: Farewell to the True American Dream”

*Exclusive* Indy Circuit Spotlight….Bad Blood Bj Darden

Bad Blood Bj Darden is an independent wrestler who has wrestled for many different promotions over the years. Darden is currently the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion and takes a lot of pride in holding such a historic championship. He known for being a hard worker inside and outside of the wrestling ring. He hasContinue reading “*Exclusive* Indy Circuit Spotlight….Bad Blood Bj Darden”

Indy Circuit Spotlight: Meet Queen of VALKYRIE Kacee Carlisle

In the world of professional wrestling the independent circuit is a very active alliance that are referred to as Indy promotions or Indies. The advent of the Internet has allowed independent wrestlers and promotions to reach a wider audience and make it possible for wrestlers regularly working the Indy circuit to gain a measure ofContinue reading “Indy Circuit Spotlight: Meet Queen of VALKYRIE Kacee Carlisle”