Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report

The hits and misses keep on adding up through the first 5 weeks of the 2016 Fantasy season. We continue to have underperformers whose hope is slowly dying and overachievers whose confidence is flying high. It finally time to cut bait on the dead weight? Remember, in most leagues there are only 7 regular seasonContinue reading “Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report”

Tom Brady Guilty?….Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! Disaster Strikes for Tom Brady….Deflagrate investigation concluded! NFL Draft is a wrap…..Surprises? Steals?…Will Winston be the answer for the Bucs? Mayweather wins…Was this a staged fight for a rematch? Pacquiao shoulder injury? LeSean McCoy calls Racism on Chip Kelly…IsContinue reading “Tom Brady Guilty?….Sum of All Sports Report”

Week 16 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

  Stars for Week 16 QB:—- A. Rodgers (@TB) RB:—- J. Bell (@CHI), C.J. Anderson (@CIN) WR:— M. Evans (GB), A.J. Green (DEN) Stiffs for Week 16 QB:— P. Rivers (@SF) RB: — I. Crowell (@CAR), S. Vereen (@NYJ) WR: — T. Smith (@HOU), K. Benjamin (CLE), R. Randle (@STL) Sleepers:—- H. Douglas (@NO), E. Royal (@SF), J.Continue reading “Week 16 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

Week 12 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 12                                                                                          QB:—-  J. Cutler (TB) RB:—-  C.J. AndersonContinue reading “Week 12 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

2014 Fantasy Football Under-performing Stars

We are 6 weeks into the Fantasy Football season and there are plenty of surprises that continue to have us scratching our heads. This is what most of us refer to as the halfway point and a time where we need to decide to hold out hope or cut all loses. There’s a long listContinue reading “2014 Fantasy Football Under-performing Stars”

Speed Kills: Chip Kelly’s Secret Revolution

Chip Kelly has taken the National Football League and its followers by storm. In some ways, Chip is revolutionizing the sport into what everyone involved ever wanted; a high scoring and exciting game, with very little timeouts or huddles. The journey started in D-1AA as a successful offensive coordinator who found himself the most covetedContinue reading “Speed Kills: Chip Kelly’s Secret Revolution”

Showdown in the NFC East

  The Philadelphia Eagles opened up the season against the Washington Redskins and gave the NFL a taste of what was perceived to be Chip Kelly’s offensive machine in motion. Unfortunately, there has been some breakdown in the machine but, so far it has become apparent that the coach has grown with the team, leadingContinue reading “Showdown in the NFC East”