NFL Week 4 Fantasy Impact

So what have we learned now that we are a quarter of the way through the NFL season? Passing Offense – Matt Ryan and Drew Brees lead the two most prolific passing offenses in the league, averaging over 300 yards per game. Ben Roethlisberger is tied with Ryan for the league lead in passing TDsContinue reading “NFL Week 4 Fantasy Impact”

Fantasy Football: Week 3 Stars and Stiffs Report

As we sit at week 3, the Stars and Stiffs Report is here to point out the guys who you should feel safe about starting and the ones who are better off left at the bar until closing time. After the battles along the lines over the last 2 weeks, there is plenty to beContinue reading “Fantasy Football: Week 3 Stars and Stiffs Report”

Fantasy Sports Addiction’s Week 3 Fantasy Fallout

Week 3 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Rodgers…333 yds 5 TD Dalton…383 yds 3 TD/ 1 INT C. Newton…315 yds 2 TD, 33 yds rushing 1 TD RB D. Freeman….141 yds, 3 TD….5 rec, 52 yds Charles……..49 yds, 3 TD….5 rec, 33 yds Randle…..87 yds, 3 TD…2 rec, 18 ydsContinue reading “Fantasy Sports Addiction’s Week 3 Fantasy Fallout”

Fantasy Sports Addiction’s Stars and Stiffs Report Week 2

Well, week 1 is behind us and we are all still reeling form the results. Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., and Calvin Johnson are just a few off the list of underwhelming superstars from last week. It’s week 2 now and it’s time to put up or shut up. Who will find themselvesContinue reading “Fantasy Sports Addiction’s Stars and Stiffs Report Week 2”

Week 1 Fantasy Fallout

Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Brady…288 yds 4 TD Mariota……209 yds 4 TD C. Palmer……307 yds 3 TD RB Hyde….168 yds, 2 TD….2 rec, 14 yds Forte……..141 yds, 1 TD….5 rec, 25 yds Ivory…..91 yds, 2 TD…1 rec, 9 yds WR/TE Jones…..9 rec, 141 yds, 2 TD Hopkins.…..9 rec, 98 yds 2 TD Gronkowski…..5Continue reading “Week 1 Fantasy Fallout”

Fantasy Football Heats Up: Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! Fantasy Football is right around the corner and the questions continue to be asked. What is the right league for me to join? Who should I draft? Who should I target? When do leagues start? When do they end?Continue reading “Fantasy Football Heats Up: Sum of All Sports Report”