Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report

The hits and misses keep on adding up through the first 5 weeks of the 2016 Fantasy season. We continue to have underperformers whose hope is slowly dying and overachievers whose confidence is flying high. It finally time to cut bait on the dead weight? Remember, in most leagues there are only 7 regular seasonContinue reading “Fantasy: Week 6 Stars and Stiffs Report”

Week 16 Fantasy Fallout

  Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Wilson……339 yds 2 TD…88 Rushing yds, 1 TD = 43.8 pts Tannehill……396 yds 4 TD/ 1 INT = 41.9 pts Romo……218 yds 4 TD…28 Rushing yds = 37.7 pts RB Anderson….83 yds, 1 TD….8 rec, 55 yds, = 27.8 pts Miller……..92 yds, 1 TD…5 rec, 58 yds= 26 pts Lynch…..113 yds, 2 TD… = 23.3Continue reading “Week 16 Fantasy Fallout”

Soaring Without Desean

Can the Eagles be productive without Desean Jackson…? A few weeks ago when this rumor came out it was almost instantly dispelled, but now it seems like it has some legs. As we approach the NFL free agency period, the Philadelphia Eagles are exploring any and all options to upgrade their roster, including the ability toContinue reading “Soaring Without Desean”