Fantasy Football Edition: Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! Who is Fantasy’s Top QB?…..#andrewluck #peytonmanning, #russellwilson Who is Fantasy’s Top WR?….#dezbryant, #demaryiousthomas, #antoniobrown Who is Fantasy’s Top RB?…#jamalcharles, #mattforte, #demarcomurray Will #adrianpeterson continue to be a RB1? Can #odellbeckham continue on his rise to prominence? Is strength ofContinue reading “Fantasy Football Edition: Sum of All Sports Report”

Week 16 Fantasy Fallout

  Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Wilson……339 yds 2 TD…88 Rushing yds, 1 TD = 43.8 pts Tannehill……396 yds 4 TD/ 1 INT = 41.9 pts Romo……218 yds 4 TD…28 Rushing yds = 37.7 pts RB Anderson….83 yds, 1 TD….8 rec, 55 yds, = 27.8 pts Miller……..92 yds, 1 TD…5 rec, 58 yds= 26 pts Lynch…..113 yds, 2 TD… = 23.3Continue reading “Week 16 Fantasy Fallout”

Week 13 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 13                                                                                          QB:—-   R. Tannehill (@NYJ) RB:—-  A. Ellington (@ATL), J. Charles (DEN) WR:— E. Sanders (@KC), Calvin Johnson (CHI) TE: —   R. Gronkowski (@GB)   Stiffs for Week 13 QB:— C. Kaepernick (@SEA) RB: — M. Ingram (@PIT), T. Richardson (WAS) WR: — K. Allen (@BAL), V. Jackson (CIN) TE: —  H. Miller (NO) Sleepers:—- D. Heron (WAS), K. Stills (@PIT), J. McCown (CIN) Busts: — C. Newton (@MIN), B. Sankey (@HOU),Continue reading “Week 13 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

Week 9 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 9                                                                                          QB:—- A. Luck (@NYG) RB:—- M. Lynch (OAK), J. Charles (NYJ) WR:— K. Benjamin (NO), D. Thomas (@NE)   Stiffs for Week 9 QB:— T. Romo (ARZ) RB: — G. Bernard (JAC), B. Oliver (@MIA) WR: –P. Garcon (@MIN), E. Decker (@KC)   Sleepers:—- D. Robinson (@CIN), K. Davis (NYJ) Busts: — S. Smith (@PIT), E. Sanders (@NE) Bye weeks: Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit, Green Bay, Atlanta, Tennessee *****Last week’s stats…….. Stars 3/5…….Stiffs 3/5……BustsContinue reading “Week 9 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

Week 7 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 7                                                                                          QB:—- A. Rodgers RB:—- M. Lynch/J. CharlesContinue reading “Week 7 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”