Is Playoff Baseball a Possibility for the Phillies?

On the way to being competitive, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before the Phillies opened up their wallets. But did they open it up on the right guy at the right time? Does Jake Arrieta make them an instant contender in the National League? In a move to showContinue reading “Is Playoff Baseball a Possibility for the Phillies?”

Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Player of all Time?

With the constant Cap troubles of a Super Bowl winning team, how will the Eagles survive? Howie Roseman has worked his magic once before, but this offseason will need a little more work. It seems inevitable that Torrey Smith will be on the inside looking in. If so, is Mack Hollins ready to step up?Continue reading “Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Player of all Time?”

The Saga Ends……..

The shot heard around the world is the news that Chip Kelly does a 180 degree turn faster than Knight Rider,  and decides to leave Oregon after all  to become the next Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Like I previously stated in my earlier article,  this is a huge risk,  but could be a tremendous reward.  TheContinue reading “The Saga Ends……..”