Whiskey, Waiver Wires, and The Marshmallow Test

There was a study conducted in the late 1960’s by Stanford professor Walter Mischel, to identify a link between delayed gratification, and future success.  Sixteen boys and girls, aged 3-5 years old were sat in a room and given a choice: you can have 1 marshmallow right now, or 2 marshmallows if you’re willing toContinue reading “Whiskey, Waiver Wires, and The Marshmallow Test”

Fantasy Sports Addiction Top 25: Quarterbacks

As we have witnessed the injuries of Kelvin Benjamin and Jordy Nelson, it has served as a friendly reminder that the later you draft, the better. Ideally, you want to wait until at least the second round of preseason games in order to take account early injuries and depth chart movement. By the end of this weekendContinue reading “Fantasy Sports Addiction Top 25: Quarterbacks”