NFL Week 2 Fantasy Impact

It sure was an interesting week 2 in the NFL.  As fantasy players, we need to realize that it takes more than one game to understand how teams (and players) are trending.  Jameis Winston scorched in week 1 with 4 TDs and 1 Int, but week 2 brought expectations back in check with a 1Continue reading “NFL Week 2 Fantasy Impact”

Fantasy Football: Week 2 Stars and Stiffs Report

On the verge of Week 2, the Stars and Stiffs Report is here to point out the guys you should feel safe about starting and the ones who are better off left at the bar until closing time. After one of the most exciting opening weeks in fantasy history in the books,, there is plentyContinue reading “Fantasy Football: Week 2 Stars and Stiffs Report”

Week 1 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Well, it’s week 1 and we are back for our weekly Fantasy Football excitement. I will again be bringing you the Stars and Stiffs Report, but this year it will have 2 versions. I will have a preliminary report on Tuesday and then an updated version on Friday. Once again this will be a freeContinue reading “Week 1 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

Frank Gifford Passes at 84….Sum of All Sports Report

Sum of All Sports Report  Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment All in One Place! * #frankgifford, Pro Football Hall of Famer passes away…His iconic presence was integral to the growth and popularity of the modern NFL * #romanreigns hit with briefcase….Are wrestling stars susceptible to harm? * #davidprice trade pays huge dividends…How asContinue reading “Frank Gifford Passes at 84….Sum of All Sports Report”