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We’re through two weeks in the NFL season and what a ride!!!  The world seems topsy-turvy with the Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tampa Bay Bucs at 2-0.  Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans are winless, and we’ve already seen two games end in a tie.  But how crazy has the fantasy season been???

  • QB – The top 3 fantasy scoring QBs are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Patrick Mahomes, and Kirk Cousins
  • RB – Matt Breida leads the NFL in rushing yards
  • WR – DeSean Jackson leads the NFL in receiving yards
  • TE – The top 3 fantasy scoring TEs are Jared Cook, Jesse James, and Will Dissly

Remember, we’re only 2 weeks into the season.  Starting this week, you will see fantasy owners panic and drop good players because they had 2 bad games.  Don’t overreact and try to cash in when other owners do.  After 4 weeks of poor play, then you can assess if a player needs to be cut.

So onto the “Fantasy Smoke & Fire” for week 2, where we read beyond the stat lines to determine player values moving forward.

Here are the four categories of players we look at each week:

  • On Fire – These are players that are exceeding expectations (or ADP), and we expect it to continue. Think waiver wire adds!
  • Smoke (and mirrors) – These are players that have performed well recently, but we do not expect it to continue. Don’t buy into the hype; pass on the waiver wire pickup.  Possibly look to trade them away with the value is high.
  • False Alarm – These are players that are underperforming recently, but we expect them to turn around. Don’t cut bait too early.  Possibly look to acquire them in a trade while the value is low.
  • On Ice – These are players that have not performed well, and we expect a poor season to continue. They should stay on the bench (or be cut depending on the player/circumstances).

On Fire – Obviously all of these players aren’t on waivers, but they have impressed and I expect it to continue.

Pos Player Comment
QB Patrick Mahomes 23/28 326-6-0.  I doubted Mahomes entering the year.  He’s the real deal and his decision making is quick/sharp. Never been a question of his cannon arm.
QB Kirk Cousins 35/48 425-4-1.  Same old slinging Cousins, just on a new team.
RB Chris Thompson 4-1 (13-92 on 14 targets).  He doesn’t always get the most touches, but I’m finally starting to buy into him.
RB Tevin Coleman 16-107 (4-18 on 4 targets).  Anytime Freeman (or Coleman) is out, the other is a great fantasy play.
RB Phillip Lindsay 14-107 (1-4 on 1 target).  Is Lindsay really the lead back of the Broncos?  We would all like to see them stick with one.
WR Will Fuller 8-113-1 on 9 targets.  Outside of Fuller and Hopkins, nobody else had more than 3 targets.  Fuller is 30-40% of the passing game.
WR Sammy Watkins 6-100 on 7 targets (1-31 rushing).  Looking like a resurgence as long as Mahomes keeps up his game.
WR Juju Smith-Schuster 13-121-1 on 19 targets.  He got more looks than AB.  It’ll continue with so much defensive attention payed to Brown.
WR Nelson Agholor 8-88-1 on 12 targets.  Outside of Ertz, he’s the most heavily involved in the passing game.  Will it continue with Wentz back next week?
WR Quincy Enunwa 7-92 on 11 targets.  Looks like Darnold’s go to guy.
WR Kenny Golladay 6-89-1 on 9 targets.  Just keeps pushing for looks from Stafford.  It will continue, but he’s still the #3 receiver til Marvin Jones falters.
WR Allen Robinson 10-83 on 14 targets.  Trubisky’s certainly looking his way.  I doubted his ADP this year but he may come through.
TE Will Dissly 3-42-1 on 5 targets.  He’s building trust from Wilson and should see looks with Baldwin out.


Smoke – They had a good start to the season, but I’m not sold on it continuing.

Pos Player Comment
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 27/33 402-4-1.  Fitz-Magic is rolling.  He’s on a hot streak and may keep the QB job from Winston.  But his career proves that he’s certainly not this good.
QB Andy Dalton 24/42 265-4-0.  Week 2 may be the only 4 TD game he has all year.  He’s no more that a low-end QB2 matchup play.
QB Blake Bortles 29/45 377-4-1 (6-35).  Bortles did everything he needed to do to beat the Patriots.  He’s not a fantasy QB that you want to lean on all season.
RB Matt Breida 11-138-1 (3-21 on 4 targets).  He had one great long run; the rest was mediocre.
WR DeSean Jackson 4-129-1 on 4 targets.  Jackson can’t keep this up all season.  He’ll always catch a few long ones, but the week to week consistency isn’t there.
WR Brandon Cooks 7-159 on 9 targets.  Goff spreads the ball around and I don’t expect a top 5 passing attack.  I don’t expect big games consistently.
WR Keelan Cole 7-116-1 on 8 targets.  Everyone will talk about the spectacular 1 handed catch.  That doesn’t get you extra fantasy points; and neither will Bortles.
TE Jesse James 5-138-1 on 5 targets.  Had some big plays, but the Steelers offense uses him as a safety valve more than a playmaker.


False Alarm – Don’t overreact to these players just because of a slow start; they’ll be fine moving forward.  If they get cut in your league, be quick to scoop them up.

False Alarm
Pos Player Comment
QB Aaron Rodgers 30/42 281-1-0.  The knee injury will only slightly impact his fantasy production over the next month.  Expect 90% of typical Rodgers.
RB Alex Collins 9-35 (3-55 on 4 targets).  Collins is still the man, but Bal was behind 21-0 early.
RB Adrian Peterson 11-20 (3-30 on 3 targets).  Surprising stat line against a bottom tier Ind def.  I expect a rebound.
RB Kareem Hunt 18-75 (1-5-1 on 1 target).  Don’t panic, but pounce if there’s a worried owner out there.  Also see Dalvin Cook…
RB Kenyan Drake 11-53-1 (4-17 on 4 targets).  I still believe in Drake, but need to see a big game by week 4.
RB Dalvin Cook 10-38 (3-52 on 5 targets).  Don’t panic, but pounce if there’s a worried owner out there. Also see Kareem Hunt…
RB Jordan Howard 14-35 (3-33 on 4 targets).  Still the workhorse; TDs will come.
WR SF Wide Receivers No one targeted more than 4 times.  Goodwin was out week 2.  Someone will step up, but who?
WR Odell Beckham Jr. 4-51 on 9 targets.  Still one of the best in the league.
TE Rob Gronkowski 2-15 on 4 targets.  Just because Jacksonville shut him down, it doesn’t mean other teams can replicate.


On Ice – These guys are not performing and I don’t expect it to turnaround any time soon (compared to expectations).

On Ice
Pos Player Comment
QB Andrew Luck 21/31 179-2-2.  I didn’t trust him as a top 5 QB before his shoulder injury in 2016; he’ll be up and down all year.
QB Sam Bradford 17/27 90-0-1.  How pitiful!!!  Is it time for Josh Rosen?
QB Case Keenum 19/35 222-0-1 (3-16-1).  Can any QB be successful in Denver these days?  Not looking good for Keenum
QB Russell Wilson 15/27 139-1-1.  Sacked 6 times in each of the first 2 games.  It’s gonna be tough sledding this year.
RB Derrick Henry 18-56.  Until teams respect the passing game, Henry won’t be a fantasy starter.
RB Dion Lewis 14-42 (1-1 on 1 target).  I like his chances at a rebound more than Henry because of his receiving ability, but the passing game stinks!!!
RB LeSean McCoy 9-39 (4-29 on 4 targets).  Terrible team, cracked ribs, age, nuff said…
RB Jamaal Williams 16-59 (3-12 on 4 targets).  I expected Williams to run with the RB job the first 2 wks.  Didn’t happen and here comes electric Aaron Jones back from suspension.
RB David Johnson 13-48 (1-3 on 2 targets).  That offense is beyond terrible.  DJ won’t improve until Bradford is benched (or turns around his career which is unlikely).
RB Royce Freeman 8-28-1 (1 target).  Overdrafted in many fantasy leagues (I didn’t buy in).  Lindsay looks like the preferred option and was already the 3rd down back.
RB Chris Carson 6-24 (1 target).  The Seattle backfield has been bad for years.  Looks like they’re ready to turn the page and see what their rookie RB has.
WR Robby Anderson 3-27 on 5 targets.  Looks like Enunwa is his go to option.
TE David Njoku 4-20 on 7 targets.  He’s an athletic freak, but hasn’t put it all together yet.

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Chip Kelly: Leader of the Culture Movement in the NFL


The name Chip Kelly has been headline news for weeks now. Does Chip Kelly have a race problem? Is he looking to change the culture of the NFL?

Everybody seems to have an opinion on Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly and how he relates to his players. The problem is not everybody has coached in both the NFL and at the highest levels of the NCAA. Does that make their opinion any less than another? Do you have to be a national expert to weigh in on what you think goes on inside the mind of Chip? 

Let me start of by saying I am a Chip believer. Now, this is not to say I am fully engulfed in all of his methods, but instead to be meant as an explanation of why I think his methods can work. Chip Kelly is not trying to reinvent the NFL. Instead, he is just trying to implement his system that was successful in the College ranks. We are talking about a head coach who has taken the NFL by storm with 20 wins in his first 2 years in charge. This is something that is not easy to accomplish. 

His first two years have been interesting, but nothing can compare to the beginning of year three. A year where we have seen a major overhaul of an already talented roster and a few moves that have left everyone hoping Chip isn’t still reliving his day as a fantasy football genius. There are many reasons to call him crazy or disoriented for some of his off-season moves, but to label him a racist is something I have a hard time agreeing with. 

We have already seen the arguments and comments regarding Desean Jackson and Lesean McCoy, but now we are dealing with the departure of Brandon Boykin. Let’s face it, Desean Jackson is a player with extraordinary talent, but wasn’t worth the baggage he came with in the eyes of Chip. All you need to do is take a glimpse at his latest reality show to see his true colors. Next up Lesean McCoy and an all out twitter invitation to attend a ladies only private party. Hmm…I think I am just going to leave it at that. Lesean was the one who got the whole racist debate going and from there it has grown into a national phenomenon. These are two guys in their prime that posses exceptional talent, but they weren’t the type of teammates Chip wanted for his future roster. 

The latest was Nickel corner Brandon Boykin who has been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional 4th or 5th round draft choice. After the news broke the he had been traded, he reacted by insinuating that this was another racist move. However, he later redefined his comments by saying, “I’m not saying he’s a racist at all. That’s not what I said. When you’re a player you want to be able to relate to your coach,” Boykin said. No matter what the issue is, outside of football. When not talking football scheme, I want to be able to sit there and talk to you about whatever. There were times where he just wouldn’t talk to people. You would walk down the hallway and he wouldn’t say anything to you. I don’t know what that is. I’m not saying he’s a racist in anyway. As a player, I just wanted to be able to relate to my coach a little bit better.” 

So now it seems that Chip Kelly is probably not a racist, but instead disconnected or socially awkward. If this is indeed the case, will this have a negative effect on the locker room? Will any of this matter if this team will be successful? 

My whole stance on the issue is that I find it hard to believe we would have a racist Head Coach in the NFL in the year 2015. Do I think it could be possible if kept under wraps? Sure! However, I do not think this is the case with Chip, but do feel this issue would not have as many legs if Riley Cooper was not a part of this team. It is really hard to get behind a move that paid a barley average Caucasian receiver a lucrative contract after the he blurted out the words heard around the world and disrespected the African American community. Did he repent? Yes he did. But the reason to go above and beyond to keep him on the roster continues to be a head scratcher. Was Chip trying to act as a players coach and show he was sympathetic? Either way it wasn’t a smart PR move or one that could have made this situation somewhat avoidable. 

As I continue to look at the entire landscape, there is very little doubt that these are all culture based moves to bring the roster up to his level. He is taking all of the heat for these moves and will be on the hot seat if they do not pan out. Chip Kelly came to the NFL to prove his system and methods could work at this level. Time will only tell if he will be a mainstay in the NFL coaching ranks or if he will go back to College in order to rebuild his prestige! 

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