Week 13 Fantasy Fallout

Week 13 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Fitzpatrick……358 yds 6 TD…10 yds Rushing = 54.9 pts Luck……370 yds 5 TD/1 INT…20 yds Rushing = 48.5 pts Brees……257 yds 5 TD…. = 42.9 pts McCoy….392 yds 3 TD….12 yds Rushing = 38.8 pts Rivers….383 yds 3 TD/ 1 INT…19 Rushing yds = 37.1 pts RB L. Bell….95 yds, 1 TD….8 rec, 159 yds = 39.4 ptsContinue reading “Week 13 Fantasy Fallout”

Week 13 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 13                                                                                          QB:—-   R. Tannehill (@NYJ) RB:—-  A. Ellington (@ATL), J. Charles (DEN) WR:— E. Sanders (@KC), Calvin Johnson (CHI) TE: —   R. Gronkowski (@GB)   Stiffs for Week 13 QB:— C. Kaepernick (@SEA) RB: — M. Ingram (@PIT), T. Richardson (WAS) WR: — K. Allen (@BAL), V. Jackson (CIN) TE: —  H. Miller (NO) Sleepers:—- D. Heron (WAS), K. Stills (@PIT), J. McCown (CIN) Busts: — C. Newton (@MIN), B. Sankey (@HOU),Continue reading “Week 13 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs”

Week 11 Fantasy Fallout

Week 11 Fantasy Football Recap Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs Stars QB Rodgers……341 yds 3 TD…32 yds Rushing = 38.25 pts Cutler…..330 yds 3 TD/2 TD….21 yds Rushing = 32.60 pts Dalton……220 yds 3 TD….12 yds Rushing = 30.20 pts Wilson….178 yds 2 TD….71 yds Rushing = 28.00 pts McCown….288 yds 2 TD….27.20 pts RBContinue reading “Week 11 Fantasy Fallout”

2014 Fantasy Football Under-performing Stars

We are 6 weeks into the Fantasy Football season and there are plenty of surprises that continue to have us scratching our heads. This is what most of us refer to as the halfway point and a time where we need to decide to hold out hope or cut all loses. There’s a long listContinue reading “2014 Fantasy Football Under-performing Stars”