NFL Divisional Playoff Analysis

Well it’s almost time for another round of NFL Playoffs and a weekend that should leave us in a pool of excitement. The level of talent left in these 4 games should live up to their reputation and should not disappoint. If playing against some stiff competition wasn’t enough, Mother Nature has voiced her displeasureContinue reading “NFL Divisional Playoff Analysis”

Flacco on the Eagles Radar?

As the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly continue to fill up their coaching staff,  there have been many different stories elaborating on the decision to keep Michael Vick or to stick with Nick Foles.  Chip Kelly has been very secretive in his approach so far this offseason and has let out very little information asContinue reading “Flacco on the Eagles Radar?”

Defensive Search Heats Up

  As we wait in suspense to see who will be running the defensive side of the ball,  Chip Kelly continues to unofficially add coaches to his staff everyday.  The question of ,  whether or not the Eagles are going to a 3-4 base defense keeps coming up and continues to wait in limbo,  as the searchContinue reading “Defensive Search Heats Up”

The Grand Finale….

Will today be the day the Eagles Franchise begins another chapter in history?  According to numerous NFL sources,  the Eagles are close to deciding who will be the leader chosen to bring back stability and success to their organization.  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of interviews and speculations of who tops the list of candidatesContinue reading “The Grand Finale….”