Amaro’s Armageddon ….

The end is near! We see it on every movie about the end of the world, every super-hero movie, and well on any sports network anytime a GM makes a move that reeks of desperation and is unsuccessful. Well, in my opinion, we’ve officially hit that point with Ruben Amaro’s last two signings. The countdownContinue reading “Amaro’s Armageddon ….”

Misfires and Misjudgements…..

In 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series and were the hottest sports franchise in the city.  They hold a dear place in our hearts and relate to the fans on numerous levels.  Citizens Bank Park was hitting record sellouts for years ahead, the pennant was taken for granted,  and management was willing to doContinue reading “Misfires and Misjudgements…..”

Written Off So Fast?

The game of baseball has had many storylines over the course of time,  but none with the same controversial intensity as performance enhancing drugs and Barry Bonds.  During the investigation stages,  there were a laundry list of names compiled, but none as big as Barry.  Obviously,  the speculation had been there prior to the indictment,  butContinue reading “Written Off So Fast?”

Boys of Summer are Back!

After a year of misery in the football world,  a flounder in the basketball scene,  and a disappointing sample of hockey so far,  it is really nice to see our boys in Clearwater ready to get back to the grind.  In years past there have always been questions injury recover when spring training has started, Continue reading “Boys of Summer are Back!”

Manuel’s Last Ride?

Throughout the years in Philadelphia,  there have been many coaching era’s in all sports,  but few have had the success of Charlie Manuel.  Charlie is a baseball relic,  who has knowledge in his repertoire that hasn’t even begun to be tapped into.  Manuel was a world-class standout in Japan as a player and started to get noticed inContinue reading “Manuel’s Last Ride?”

Beginning of the Decline?

The Philadelphia Phillies had enjoyed success by winning the World Series in 2008 and earning another trip back there in 2009 against the New York Yankees.  In disappointing fashion,  the Phillies lost in 6 games,  partly because Pedro Martinez just didn’t have it anymore.  This lead the organization to reevalute themselves,  trying to figure outContinue reading “Beginning of the Decline?”

Taking a Back Seat?

It wasn’t that long ago when the Philadelphia Phillies were considered the upper echelon of the National League East and, for that matter, all of baseball.  They were the team with the unstoppable core of young players looking to win multiple championships.  In 2008,  they did just that, being crowned ” the world champions ofContinue reading “Taking a Back Seat?”