Third Base Rankings – Hit or Miss!

Remember that my rankings (unless otherwise stated) are based on a standard 5×5 league.  Players qualify at any position where they played 20+ games in 2017.  Make sure you know your specific league’s scoring, roster size, transaction process, and any other important settings.

Third Base is a position that I feel will be very hit or miss.  Many of the players have question marks and this includes the veterans as well as younger players.  While third base doesn’t have quite the same power products as first base, you still want to target players getting at least 25 HR, preferably 30.  On to the rankings…

Scorching Hot (Top Tier)

This is my top tier for third basemen.  These players are the clear cut studs at the position.  These guys should go 90-30-90 and bat .280+.  Position rank is in (#).

(1)  Nolan Arenado – He’s a consensus top 5 overall pick and a foundation for a fantasy team.
(2)  Kris Bryant – Averages 106-31-91 over the past 3 years, chips in about 10 SBs, and is a career .288 hitter.
(3)  Josh Donaldson – He’s not getting enough love.  Averages 103-37-100 over the past 3 years and should hit .280.
(4)  Jose Ramirez – Can he deliver a 30/20 season?  It’ll be close and he’ll bat over .300.
(5)  Manny Machado – Consistent, young, and one of the best.  He’s so good that he could be the top 3B by years end.

Burning Bright (Second Tier)

This is my second tier for second basemen.  There’s a slight drop from the top, but solid contributors that you can count on.

(6)  Anthony Rendon – He’ll give you all around production, but not quite top tier caliber.
(7)  Rafael Devers – He’s young and expected to bat in the middle of Boston’s lineup.  He could hit 30 dingers, but I’m expecting slightly less.  He has ton’s of upside.
  Alex Bregman – Another all around player.  He should deliver 80-20-80-15.
(10)  Travis Shaw – He had his first 30 HR season last year with over 500 at bats.  Will he repeat?
  Jake Lamb – He’s averaged 85-29-98 over the past 2 seasons.  You could do worse.
(12)  Eduardo Nunez – Averaging 32 SBs over the past two years and also in that same Boston lineup.
(13)  Kyle Seager – This guy is consistent, but unspectacular.  He’ll be around 80-28-90 again.
(15)  Adrian Beltre – How much does this guy have left at age 38.  20 HRs -> Maybe?  .300 hitter -> Yes!
(20)  Justin Turner – I’m expecting him to miss the first month of the season which drops him down.

Fire Bombs (Power Tier)

There’s some power to be found at 3B, but these guys may drag you down in batting average.  35+ HRs for any of these guys is possible.

(8)  Miguel Sano – He’s one of the biggest mashers at 3B.  He has yet to top 30 HRs, but has never had over 440 at bats in a season.  The power is for real, but the batting average needs to improve.
(14)  Joey Gallo – If you can stomach his low batting average (career .201), his HRs will make you happy.
(16)  Mike Moustakas – Until last year, he never hit more than 22 dingers in his first 6 seasons.  He busted out with 38 last year.  Don’t look for a repeat, but it’s obvious he’s capable.
(22)  Todd Frazier – This guy has a 40 HR season and averages 34 over the past 3 years.  Batting average killer!
(30)  Matt Chapman – He crushes the ball and his low batting average crushes that category.
(37)  Matt Davidson – See Matt Chapman above…

Hot Lottery Tickets (3B Sleepers)

(17)  Evan Longoria – I can see an 80-25-90 season; not too bad.
(21)  Ryon Healy – He’s locked down the starting 1B job in Seattle coming off of his 25 HR campaign in Oakland.
(23)  Maikel Franco – Can he return to form now that Carlos Santana has taken him under his wing?  This is a make or break season for the Phillie.  Can he reach his 30 HR potential?
(24)  Nick Senzel – This is only minor leaguer that is worth a ticket.  It won’t be long til he’s in the majors.


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