Shortstop Rankings – Elite 8 or Wait

Elite Eight is what I’m targeting at shortstop.  I feel that the top 8 players at the position are a cut above the rest in terms of production and/or consistency.  I’ll be happy if I can get a player from one of the top two tiers, otherwise I’ll take a chance late in the draft.  When drafting your SS and/or middle infield spots, remember that 20 HRs are what 15 HRs were in the past.  Unless you’re stealing 20+ bases, I don’t want a middle infielder with less than 20.  There’s plenty of guys that can fill the void if you miss out on the best.  On to the rankings…

Scorching Hot (Top Tier)

This is my top tier for shortstops.  There’s a handful of guys that are difference makers, and the rest can be had later in drafts.  Starting your team off with one of these 4 players will have you in a good place, but you’ll likely need to get them by the second or early third round.  Position rank is in (#).

(1)  Trea Turner – I’m a big fan of Turner.  I see 15+ HRs and 50+ SBs hitting atop the potent Nationals lineup.
(2)  Carlos Correa – At only 23 yrs old, he should hit 25+ dingers but fall short of 30.  Batting avg over .300.
(3)  Francisco Lindor – For a kid that supposedly didn’t have power, his 33 HRs in 2017 isn’t too shabby.
(4)  Corey Seager – He’s averaged 95-24-74 over the past two years.  Hopefully he’s over the nagging injuries.
Burning Bright (Second Tier)

This is my second tier for shortstops.  If you miss out on the top 4, I feel that there are 4 other guys that you can count on at shortstop.  Then there’s a drop off to the rest of the bunch that all have questions.

(5)  Alex Bregman – He’ll help in all 5 categories; possibly a 20/20 season.
(6)  Elvis Andrus – Say what you want, but the guy’s on the field and consistent.  Played at least 145 games since 2009!  Look for around 25 SBs but he’s light on power.  Don’t believe in the 20 HRs from 2017.
  Jean Segura – He should pair up with Dee Gordon atop the Mariners lineup.  Expect 15 HRs / 25 SBs with 90 runs.
(8)  Xander Bogaerts – He’s only 25, but he may never turn out to be a top tier shortstop. He’ll get you runs and a 15/15 season.
Red Embers (Other Options That I Like)

This is a group of players that I like in the late rounds to fill out my middle infield spot…

  • Didi Gregorius – Can he repeat 2017?
  • Trevor Story – He can still hit HRs at Coors Field.
  • Marwin Gonzalez – Eligible at 1B, 2B, SS, and OF.
  • Paul DeJong – Getting drafted too high, but 25 HRs is possible.
  • Orlando Arcia – He should have a 15/15 season with much more upside, especially if he moves up and out of the bottom third of the lineup.
  • Marcus Semien – Consistently underrated; expect a 20/10 season but the batting average will be bad.

Remember that my rankings (unless otherwise stated) are based on a standard 5×5 league.  Players qualify at any position where they played 20+ games in 2017.  Make sure you know your specific league’s scoring, roster size, transaction process, and any other important settings.

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