Second Base Rankings – Deeper Than In The Past, I’ll Wait!

Remember that my rankings (unless otherwise stated) are based on a standard 5×5 league.  Players qualify at any position where they played 20+ games in 2017.  Make sure you know your specific league’s scoring, roster size, transaction process, and any other important settings.

Second Base is a deep position, unlike in the past.  When drafting your 2B and/or middle infield spots, remember that 20 HRs are what 15 HRs were in the past.  Unless you’re stealing 20+ bases, I don’t want a middle infielder with less than 20.  There’s plenty of guys that can fill the void if you miss out on the best.  On to the rankings…

Scorching Hot (Top Tier)

This is my top tier for second basemen.  There’s a handful of guys that are difference makers, and the rest can be had later in drafts.  Starting your team off with one of these 5 players will have you in a good place, if you get them at the right price.  Position rank is in (#).

(1)  Jose Altuve – Frequently a top 2 overall pick, he’s the best at the position (and just got paid!).
(2)  Jose Ramirez – Can he deliver a 30/20 season?  It’ll be close and he’ll bat over .300.
(3)  Brian Dozier – He’s the best power hitter at 2B.  He’s averaged 35 HRs over the past 3 years.
(4)  Dee Gordon – Forget power for a minute.  He should run away with the AL stolen base crown and lead your team a high ranking in that category.
(5)  Jonathan Schoop – He’s averaged 87 runs, 28 HRs, and 93 RBIs over the past two years.  I’m higher on him than most people.

Burning Bright (Second Tier)

This is my second tier for second basemen.  There’s a slight drop from the top, but solid contributors that you can count on.

(6)  Daniel Murphy – He’s 32 and not fully recovered from knee surgery last October.  He’ll miss opening day and I’m not sure when he’ll return to form.  He’s fallen out of the top tier for me.
(7)  Robinson Cano – Since 2009, he’s only had 1 season under 20 HRs, averaging 28 over the past 3 years.  He’s a plus in 4 categories.
(8)  Rougned Odor – He’s basically gone 30 HR / 15 SB in back to back years.
(9)  Whit Merrifield – I’m not as high on Merrifield as others.  He led the AL in stolen bases last year with 34, but don’t expect a repeat of 19 HRs.  Look closer to 15 HRs.

Lightning (Speed Tier)

These guys may not provide much power, but they’ll definitely help some in the stolen base category.

(10)  Eduardo Nunez – Averaging 32 SBs over the past two years and in a potent Boston lineup.
(13)  Ozzie Albies – I think this youngster is going to have a great year and should approach 20 SBs.
Jonathan Villar – He’s battling for a starting gig, but he’ll get about 30 stolen bases this year.
(23)  Cesar Hernandez – He should be hitting atop the Phillies lineup for now, but has Scott Kingery breathing down his neck in the minors.  HRs and RBIs are a big deficiency.
(33)  Jose Peraza – He should start at SS and could flirt with 30 SBs if he improves his OBP.

Keep Me Warm (The Rest – That I Like)

This is a group of players that I like in the late rounds to fill out my middle infield spot…

  • Chris Taylor
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Yoan Moncada
  • Ian Happ
  • Marwin Gonzalez
  • Paul DeJong
  • Jason Kipnis
  • Neil Walker

Cold As Ice (The Rest – I Don’t Like)

  • Scooter Gennett
  • Dustin Pedroia
  • Eric Sogard
  • Joe Panik
  • Brad Miller

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