Fantasy Football: Week 3 Stars and Stiffs Report


As we sit at week 3, the Stars and Stiffs Report is here to point out the guys who you should feel safe about starting and the ones who are better off left at the bar until closing time. After the battles along the lines over the last 2 weeks, there is plenty to be concerned about heading into week 2.

Last week we saw the shootout of the week totaled 29 points and still haven’t seen Allen Robinson step onto the field the way we remember. Guys like Matt Forte and CJ Anderson have shown the RB position is not dead, while Kelvin Benjamin shows us it is still a pass first league.

The world of sports media can be a beautiful thing when all parties are involved and engulfed in a stern debate. As always, I look forward to your opinions and feedback. You can tweet with any questions (@TCutillo23) and leave your comments below. For my statistical hounds out there I will put last week’s stats in parentheses so you can see how I performed. Here are my picks for week 2………….

Stars for Week 3 (Last Week…4 out of 8…..50%)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger (@PHI), Andrew Luck (SD), Matt Ryan (@NO)

RB: Eddie Lacy (DET), David Johnson (@BUF)

WR/TE: Jordan Reed (@NYG), Michael Crabtree (@TEN), Eric Decker (@KC), A.J. Green (DEN)


Stiffs for Week 3 (Last Week….3 out of 6….50%)

QB: Sam Bradford (@CAR)

RB: Jeremy Hill (DEN), Frank Gore (SD)

WR/TE: Desean Jackson (@NYG), Torrey Smith (@SEA), Sammie Watkins (ARZ)


Sleepers: (Last Week…2 out of 3….75%)

Cruz (WAS), P. Dorsett (SD), Matt Ryan (@NO)


Bust Alert: (Last Week….2 out of 2….100%)

Jeffery (@DAL), M. Wallace (@JAC), T. Austin (@TB)


Week 3 Triple Threat…….

Ben Roethlisberger (@PHI) Big Ben still remains a hot commodity in the fantasy world due to the offense he runs. He continues to get stronger with age and shows he can make the best of anything that may be thrown his way. Rodgers, James and Coates are all becoming relevant due to the arm of Big Ben. The Yellow and Black show comes to Philly and the fireworks are already being planned.

Ezekiel Elliot (CHI) – The Dallas Cowboys haven’t blown anyone away this year, but they still have an exceptional running game partly due to the man they call Zeke. Since Zeke decided to use his time to study defenses instead of rolling some professional sized blunts, the offense has rolled along. He is the most important part of the offensive side of the ball and this week he will show the Bears why is he was picked as the early favorite for ROY.

Julio Jones (@NO) – Does he have a bad ankle? Does he have a bad hip? Does it really matter? Year after year we constantly debate on who the best receiver in game is, when all along it has been Julio. This guy runs like a cheetah and catches the ball effortlessly. He wins Fantasy Championships!

Remember, he came very close to 2000 yards receiving last year. This may be the year he hits the mark!

***As always you can stop by my FB page (FantasySportsAddcition) or Tweet me @TCutillo23 for questions or some nice fantasy debates. I can also be heard weekly via the internet stream Live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00pm EST for a weekend sports wrap. But most importantly, you can catch me here at PI!

***For Fantasy Purposes, all my articles are predicated upon a PPR based system…



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