Fantasy Sports Addiction’s Stars and Stiffs Report Week 3

Well, week 2 is behind us and one of the biggest topics this week is injuries. We saw many of our high draft picks get nicked up over the weekend, leaving us scrambling for the next available option on the wire. Drew Brees, Eddie Lacy, Chris Ivory, DeAndre Hopkins, and Eric Decker are just a few of the players that could be on the sidelines in week 3. We are still trying to unravel the fantasy mess of 2015, but the picture becomes murkier each week.

Who will find themselves on the Stiff report for week 3? Who will shine and work to be a star? What will be the Triple Threat pick of the week? Come look for yourself and tell me if you agree. You can tweet me (@TCutillo23) your own triple threat as well to see who scores the most points.

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Stars for Week 3

QB:—- A. Luck (@TEN), N. Foles (PIT)

RB:—- M. Lynch (CHI), L. McCoy (@MIA)

WR:— Gronkowski (JAC), B. Marshall (PHI), E. Sanders (@DET)

Stiffs for Week 3

QB:— B. Bortles (@NE)

RB: — L.Miller (BUF), F. Gore (@TEN)

WR: — A. Boldin (@ARZ), K. Allen (@MIN), R. White (@DAL)

Sleepers:—- CJ Spiller (@CAR), R. Matthews (BUF), K. Rudolph (SD)

Week 3 Triple Threat…….

R. Wilson (CHI) —–The Seattle Seahawks haven’t been exceptional so far this year, but none of that is because of Russel Wilson. He has been his usual electric self rewarding owners with 200+ yards, a few touchdowns, and 60+ rushing yards a game. If this keeps up, he will be a Top 5 QB in 2015.

L. Bell (@STL) —- Fresh off his 2 game suspension, Mr. Bell will pick up right where he left off in 2014. He was fantasy’s best running back last year and will continue that trend for the final 14 games in 2015.

Julian Edelman (JAC) —- Julian is putting together a monster season and is putting numbers up that go side by side to most 1st round picks. In 2 games this year he has been a PPR beast with 32 targets that have turned into a line of 22/194/2….He could be the defining piece of many Super Bowl teams this year.

Last Week Results…….Stars 5/7…..Stiffs….3/6…..Sleepers….2/3

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