Week 1 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Well, it’s week 1 and we are back for our weekly Fantasy Football excitement. I will again be bringing you the Stars and Stiffs Report, but this year it will have 2 versions. I will have a preliminary report on Tuesday and then an updated version on Friday. Once again this will be a free premium service to keep giving my followers the best scenario for all of their fantasy needs.

I also will be unveiling my Fantasy Triple Threat from week to week where I pick the best QB/RB/WR combo of that week who I feel will give their owner positive production. It is more of a fun segment to try and involve all followers…You can tweet me (@TCutillo23) your own triple threat as well to see who scores the most points.

Stars for Week 1

QB:—- T. Brady (PIT), T. Romo (NYG)

RB:—- D. Murray (@ATL), C.J. Anderson (BAL)

WR:— D. Bryant (NYG), J. Landry (@WAS), G. Tate (@SD)

Stiffs for Week 1

QB:— C. Kaepernick (MIN)

RB: — B. Sankey (@TB), A. Morris (MIA)

WR: — D. Jackson (MIA), T. Smith (MIN), V. Cruz (@DAL)

Sleepers:—- J. Brown (NO), E. Royal (GB), G. Bernard (@OAK)

Week 1 Triple Threat…….

Tom Brady (PIT) —– Extra incentive to prove the prognosticators wrong….Steelers defense is suspect at best…This spells Shootout

DeMarco Murray (@ATL) —- Philly Offense is strong and Atlanta has shown they can’t stop anyone. The defense didn’t get any better and Murray will show the Cowboys why they should have never let him go!

Dez Bryant (NYG) —- The Giants are in shambles on defense and Dez is fresh off a new contract and good offseason. There secondary is already having nightmares of Bryant burning them down the sidelines…..

***Week 1 is always an unpredictable week. My best advice is always go with who you drafted and don’t try to pick too many match-ups. Preseason doesn’t mean much and right now all we can do is go by paper stats. 

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Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)


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