Fantasy Sports Addiction Top 25: Running Backs

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The NFL has become a passing league, but the running back position is still relevant on a fantasy roster. There may not be as many top tier RB1’s as before, but there is still enough to make your mind go in circles on draft day. Who is in a timeshare? Who is coming off of injury? What does the offense look like?

Taking all this into account, I have placed my rankings below. You will notice that my rankings differ from most, but with good reason. I look hard into the 3-year averages and look hard a the QB situation. All of these rankings are based on a 10 Team PPR league with a scoring system of 6pts per TD (passing,rushing, or receiving), 1pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving and 1pt per reception. 

I will be posting every few days by position with today being Running Backs. If you do not see a player listed it means they have hit the wall of irrelevancy. Please leave your comments and opinions here, the FB page or on Twitter…..

Running Backs
Tier 1
Le’Veon Bell Bell is the most complete back in the NFL.  2nd highest scoring RB in 2014 with 2,215 yards from scrimmage.
Jamal Charles Charles has never averaged fewer than 5.0 yards per carry, and has managed 1,000 yards rushing and 1,300 yards from scrimmage in each of his past five. Nuff said!
CJ Anderson Kubiak’s Bell Cow back…1,057 yards from scrimmage in Weeks 10-17 along with an average of 29 touches.
Eddie Lacy Green Bay’s driver of offense with 24 TD’s in 31 games. No Jordy Nelson could spell more of a running attack in Packerville.
Adrian Peterson No games in 2014. Risky pick, but HUGE reward. If anyone can come back from adversity strong it will be AP. Young offense behind Teddy on the verge of exploding.
Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode continues to be super human. Seattle lives or dies with Lynch, except on the last play of the Super Bowl. Consistency and Health make him a solid selection.
Matt Forte 102 catches last year. He is a dual threat back and the focal point on the Bears offense. John Fox is the new coach and loves to run the ball. Forte will be a top back again.
Tier 2
DeMarco Murray The Philly offense looks nasty and Murray will be a scoring machine. His yards and catches will not come close to last year, but overall he will be steady.
Jeremy Hill 10th best RB with only starting 8 games. This guy is special and knocked Bernard down to being a waterboy. Draft him in the late 1st round with confidence.
Lamar Miller  The offense is all his this year and he will produce. Jamal Charles 2k15 will show he can outlast a whole season and put up solid numbers. Could be a Top 5 back….
Lesean McCoy Tyrod Taylor is the starting QB. Fred Jackson is gone…Shady will produce!
Justin Forsett Monster 2014..At 29 he shined in an offense that made Ray Rice a star. A new contract in the offseason will lead to another fantastic year.
Tier 3
Latavius Murray Has all the talent to be a Top 5 back. Raiders have a young offense and there is a chance he is ready to explode. Not bad as a mid round pick.
Mark Ingram Great year in 2014 with an offense that gives plenty of scoring opportunities. He will be TD dependent but his a steady RB2.
Frank Gore New team same role. 3 down back in the leagues most electric offense. All signs point up for Gore. Could be a steal as a RB2.
Carlos Hyde Boom or Bust for Hyde this year. Showed a lot of promise and has the skills to make the 49ers forget about losing Gore.
Melvin Gordon Rookie RB with a ton of skill. It may take a few games, but once he hits his stride he could have a monster rookie campaign.
Chris Ivory Underrated RB on a team that will feed him the rock. The offense will be better and he is primed for a big year. Drafted late but could be a major steal.
Joseph Randle RBBC kills his value. Cowboys have no idea who to lean on and we could see a three way split. Steer clear of this situation.
Alfred Morris Redskins are in a state of disarray. I steer clear of these situations. Also a guy named Matt Jones could be a huge thorn in the side of Mr. Morris.
Rookie Sleepers
T.J. Yeldon The main guy, but until the Jaguars show they have a better offense slow your expectations.
Tevin Coleman Looks to be the main guy in Atlanta. He is an elusive runner that fits in that scheme. If he doesn’t split he could be a solid RB2.
Todd Gurley Talent is there, health right now isn’t. Time will tell when he gets on the field.

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