Sum of All Sports Report

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  • NBA Draft is over….Winners and Losers?
  • MLB All-star break is looming…Best and Worst of 1st half?
  • NFL Training Camp is 30 days away….Top Stories?
  • Tom Brady appeal was heard…Decision waits until mid-July…
  • NY Mets overpayment…Bobby Bonilla cashes in for $1.2 Million till 2035….
  • Colin Cowherd gets dissed….Jim Harbaugh not too enthused to open up….
  • NBA Free Agency heats up….Love gets $110 million, Davis gets $145……
  • 2015 Fantasy Football drafts have begun….When is it too early to draft?

Come follow my weekly Sum of All Sports Report to answer these questions and weigh in on the latest news in Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment. Leave your comments below and let your voice be heard…Look for the 1st Edition of Fantasy Rankings in the upcoming weeks and the all new radio show coming later in 2015!!!!!!