Sum of All Sports Report

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  • Disaster Strikes for Tom Brady….Deflagrate investigation concluded!
  • NFL Draft is a wrap…..Surprises? Steals?…Will Winston be the answer for the Bucs?
  • Mayweather wins…Was this a staged fight for a rematch? Pacquiao shoulder injury?
  • LeSean McCoy calls Racism on Chip Kelly…Is there proof?
  • Steph Curry wins MVP…Is he the best? Has he taken the torch from LeBron?
  • WWE Raw ratings continue to dip…Is it time to go to a 2hr show?
  • GFW roster finally revealed….Will Jeff Jarret have a product worth following?

Come follow my weekly Sum of All Sports Report to answer these questions and weigh in on the latest news in Fantasy Sports, Real Sports and Sports Entertainment……Look for the all new radio show coming later in 2015!!!!!!