Marcus Mariota vs. Nick Foles: What Deal Does Philly Do?


I have remained fairly silent in the Marcus Mariota case for some time, but now it’s time to step up and keep it real. The constant bickering amongst radio hosts, television personalities, newspaper reporters and fans is becoming redundant to say the least. To be honest, it has become downright nauseating.  There is one constant that remains in the midst of this discussion and that is winning.  The City of chipBrotherly Love has some of the most passionate and intelligent fans around and they have no problem making their opinions felt.  Chip Kelly was brought here 2 years ago with the goal of bringing a long-awaited Super Bowl to the City of Philadelphia. He was sold to the fans as an innovator of offensive production and a mad scientist in regards to scheme. When a scientist is conducting an experiment, doesn’t he need the proper chemicals to produce his hypothesis? Or can he use similar ingredients to produce the same result? These are the same 2 questions that will inevitably seal the fate of the Philadelphia Eagles and their new era coach.

The Eagles have completed their second straight 10-6 season, but fell short of making the playoffs. After recapping the season, the slowed direction can be pointed to many areas such as the Defense and injuries as to why it wasn’t as successful as their roster dictated. We all know about the mid-season collapse and the cornerback tandem that couldn’t get in front of an 85-year-old woman in a breakfast buffet line. Yes, if the CB’s hold up and do not cost us 2 games we would have indeed made the playoffs. So in hindsight, we get to lose another playoff game and get an even worse pick than we have right now. I’m sorry, but that still doesn’t help me classify it as a successful season.

We still have an issue no matter what way you look at it. That issue is Nick Foles. I know foleseveryone is going to talk about his illustrious 27-2 TD/INT ratio and his electric 119 QB rating from 2013. Next will be the decimated offensive line he played with in 2014 before he was injured. Either way, I have one question for all of you; “If you were a GM, would you be willing to put your future in the hands of Nick Foles? Is he the guy you pay to take you to the big dance?” If you have any hesitation to these questions, then you need to go all in and at least make the effort to get Marcus Mariota.

Marcus Mariota could be the future franchise QB of the Eagles or he could be the next Matt Leinart. This scenario always comes into play, but I feel you are doing the franchise a disservice if you do not even make an effort to try. In my opinion, we will never get an opportunity to see Chip run the offense he wants to run if Mariota isn’t wearing green next year. If that’s the case, why even bring Chip Kelly here. Without the right piece to the blueprint, it becomes just another average drawing that is overpriced and underused.

One of the other concerns I hear many people speculate on is mortgaging the future on a guy who may not even work out. Those people need to tell me what the Eagles will be giving up that is so damaging to the franchise? Two #1 draft picks, who for sake of argument will be in the late 20’s and most likely will wind up being a red-shirted NFL freshman or a retired fireman who may have a dream.  Come on people, grow a set and take a chance. You wanted Chip here and you got him. Now let him prove you wrong by giving him what he needs to run his system.

After watching the NFL Playoffs, the teams involved had one thing the Eagles didn’t, a Franchise QB. The only stiff that wasn’t was Andy Dalton and you see how far he took the Bengals. Please tell me who, fletcherout of that group, you would take Nick Foles over? I understand Foles is a good QB and has shown flashes of brilliance, but is there enough evidence for you to pay him like Aaron Rodgers or even Matt Ryan? If you have to pay that kind of money for a QB, especially one who is shaky, what will be left to pay guys like Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks? Now we are talking about sacrificing the heart of your defense and interior of its youth. Any good analyst will tell you that you can build a great defense through rounds 2-5 in the draft, all of which are doable without a first round pick.

The whole dynamic of this upcoming draft and trade up possibilities have the city of Philadelphia buzzing louder than a beehive full of infected yellow jackets feasting on some honey.  In my perfect scenario the Eagles can draft Mariota, resign Sanchez, and build the defense through the draft and free agency.  Will it happen, who knows? As a football fan and media personality, I just wanted to make my opinion felt with an open format instead of a bunch of statistical data and historical premises. Hopefully I have succeeded in my mission. I will now bow out gracefully and wait for the barrage of comments that are already headed my way……

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Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)



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