WWE Divas Division Continues a Slow Death


What has happened to the Diva’s Division? Where is it headed? Will it ever be restored?

The Diva’s Division, which was once held in high regard, has become an afterthought in an industry where it had once flourished to new heights and expectations. The WWE Network has really opened up my eyes to some of the great matches that once held a percentage of viewers on the edge of their seats from week to week. It is disheartening when you think of how entertaining the division once was in the past and bellasnow watching it flounder to the bottom of the creative wheel, with seemingly no desire of making a comeback. In the attitude era, the women were introduced as sex objects to draw attention to the show with pillow fights and lingerie contests, but over time the divas division became prominent, setting the audience up for the some of the most electrifying matches in WWE history.

In this time of excitement, these women were wrestlers, not just a pretty face and a mic. Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Pheonix, and Mickie James were all wrestlers that were seasoned inside a WWE Ring. They all respectively helped us witness some of the most electrifying matches, charismatic promos, and title reigns in WWE history. There was electricity in the arena and a sense of interest in the diva ranks that had been nonexistent for many years.

There were many ups and down in the diva’s division in regards to personalities and attributes, but it was aj leealways nice to see the nice influx of female talent that could actually wrestle. Unfortunately, nowadays during the diva’s matches there are the infamous chants of, “You can’t wrestle” or “boring”, keeping the crown disinterested and heading for a bathroom break.

WWE seems to be more obsessed with the looks of the diva division, ala Eva Marie and Nikki Bella, instead of the physical attributes and abilities of it as a whole. This could have a whole lot to do with the rise of “Total Divas” and the fact that there are no actual “skilled “wrestlers on the roster anymore. There have been rumors about bringing back certain Divas such as Michelle McCool and Maryse, but who would they work with? This would provide a much-needed breath of fresh air to the division along with the opportunity to see a high-caliber female wrestler in the WWE who brings a significant amount of ring work to the forefront. Obviously these are just rumors, but after their most marketable wrestler AJ Lee has been put on hiatus, they need someone to carry this division not named Bella. Natalya seems like she got on someone’s bad side and Paige is the only woman left that actual resembles a true wrestler.

Let me finish by saying, not every Diva will be Trish Stratus or Amy “Lita” Dumas, both of whom achieved huge popularity and found worldwide fame during their time in WWE. Over the years, the company has hired many women and pushed them to the moon, only to see them falter and flop on the main stage. paigeSometimes this has come down to shortcomings of the girls themselves; other times it has been straight-up awful booking on WWE’s part.

WWE tends to lose focus on creating new stars and new talent at times. The Divas division has been neglected for some time now and if they want to save it they must put forth a positive effort to revamp it. It will take a lot of work if they want it to be respected like it once was. Who knows, maybe they are happy with its direction. Only time will let us know how it plays out. Thoughts?

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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