Week 17 Fantasy Football Stars and Stiffs

Stars for Week 17

QB:—- T. Bridgewater (CHI)

RB:—- J. Hill (@PIT), E. Lacy (DET)

WR:— J. Jones (CAR), A. Jeffery (@MIN)

Stiffs for Week 17

QB:— A. Dalton (@PIT)

RB: — J. Forsett (CLE), T. Mason (@SEA)

WR: — M. Colston (@TB), B. LaFell (BUF)

Sleepers:—- J. Stewart (@ATL), K. Wright (IND), J. Gresham (@PIT)

Busts: — T. Brady (BUF), T. Kelce (SD), M. Sanu (DEN)

***This is not a prime week for Fantasy Football…Most teams will be resting players based on playoff brackets and division seedings. If you are playing in the Super Bowl this week, remember to try to stick to players who are playing for something. This is the reason I chose Teddy Bridgewater as my star at QB. Good Luck!!!

*****Last week’s stats……..

Stars 3/4 ( AJ Green Injury)……Stiffs 3/6……Busts 1/3…..Sleepers 2/4………

Poll Question of the Week…..

Will Jay Cutler be back as QB for the Bears in 2015?



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