Week 16 Fantasy Fallout


Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap
Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs



  • Wilson……339 yds 2 TD…88 Rushing yds, 1 TD = 43.8 pts
  • Tannehill……396 yds 4 TD/ 1 INT = 41.9 pts
  • Romo……218 yds 4 TD…28 Rushing yds = 37.7 pts


  • Anderson….83 yds, 1 TD….8 rec, 55 yds, = 27.8 pts
  • Miller……..92 yds, 1 TD…5 rec, 58 yds= 26 pts
  • Lynch…..113 yds, 2 TD… = 23.3 pts


  • Beckham…..8 rec, 143 yds, 2 TD = 34.8 pts
  • Nelson…..9 rec, 113 yds 1 TD = 26.3 pts
  • Royal…..10 rec, 94 yds, 1 TD = 25.4 pts
  • Randle….6 rec, 132 yds = 25.2 pts
  • Sanders….6 rec, 70 yds, 2 TD = 25.0 pts




  • Luck…..109 yds, 2 INT = 1.5 pts
  • Stafford….. 243 yds, 2 INT = 8.4 pts
  • Brady….182 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT = 14.1 pts


  • Crowell…..55 yds….. = 5.5 pts
  • Vereen……38 yds…1 rec, 12 yds = 6 pts
  • Forsett…..19 yds….4 rec, 13 yds = 7.2 pts
  • Murray.…58 yds, 1 TD…. = 11.8 pts
  • Charles….29 yds….5 rec, 48 yds = 12.7 pts


  • Fitzgerald….4 rec, 33 yds = 7.3 pts
  • Gordon....4 rec, 45 yds = 8.5 pts
  • Hopkins……5 rec, 38 yds = 8.8 pts
  • Evans…..4 rec, 49 yds = 8.9 pts
  • K. Benjamin…..5 rec, 47 yds = 9.7 pts

 *****All points based on CBS Sports PPR Scoring system…

Things we have learned from Week 16……..

  • Jamal Charles has fallen out of the fantasy elite over the last few weeks. Charles has averaged 15.2 touches over his past five games and has seemed to be running into a brick wall. The Chiefs threw the ball 45 times last week and only 5 times to JC. Why, with your season on the line do you have Alex Smith throw 45 times? Welcome the Andy’s world Kansas City.
  • Teddy Bridgewater has quietly become a dependable Fantasy Starter over the last 6 weeks. He is averaging just over 21 PPG over that span and has shown flashes of brilliance. Just think, if you would have started him over Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, you probably would have won your Super Bowl.

After blowing a 21 point lead on Saturday night, Jim Harbaugh looks like he’s ready to become a Wolverine…..Rex Ryan and Marc Trestman will be fired faster than a Nuclear Bomb from North Korea…..Move over Cam Newton, Odell Beckham is the new Superman….Peyton Manning has boned his fantasy teams more over the last few weeks than Pam Anderson did Tommy Lee in their video…..Jamal Charles has fell into the Andy Reid, I want to throw 50 times a game, trap…..Johnny Manziel’s future is about as certain as Barak Obama’s…..Ryan Lindey proved he is, well, Ryan Lindey…….Antonio Brown was an owners dream. Brown never fell below 5 catches or 72 yards in any game that he played in……T.Y. Hilton and Jeremy Maclin vaulted into the top ten at their position…..Andrew Luck helped you as much as blind man could guide you across the street….Most Fantasy Championships were over and if you are playing in week 17, well your league needs to admit they Are Who We Thought They Are, AMATUERS!

****I will be back next week as I will begin to rate players for Fantasy Playoff Football….If you are not in a Fantasy Playoff League and are curious or have questions hit me up Twitter and I’ll let you know how it works!!!!!!!!


Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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