Week 15 Fantasy Fallout

Week 15 Fantasy Football Recap
Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs



  • Brees……375 yds 3 TD… = 39.95 pts
  • Romo……265 yds 3 TD = 31.25 pts
  • E. Manning……250 yds 3 TD… = 30.5 pts


  • L. Bell….47 yds, 2 TD….5 rec, 72 yds, = 28.9 pts
  • Hill……..148 yds, 2 TD… = 28.2 pts
  • Asiata…..36 yds, 1 TD…7 rec, 50 yds = 21.6 pts


  • Beckham…..12 rec, 143 yds, 3 TD = 44.3 pts
  • Bryant…..6 rec, 114 yds 3 TD = 35.4 pts
  • Thomas…..6 rec, 123 yds, 1 TD = 24.3 pts
  • Douglas….10 rec, 131 yds = 23.1 pts




  • P. Manning…..173 yds, 2 INT = 4.5 pts
  • Kaepernick….. 174 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT, 26 Rushing yd = 13.3 pts
  • Rivers….189 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT = 14.3 pts


  • Mason…..33 yds….. = 3.3 pts
  • Crowell……17 yds…2 rec, 17 yds = 4.7 pts
  • Morris…..49 yds….= 4.9 pts
  • Forsett.…48 yds….5.8 pts
  • Charles….52 yds….6.3 pts


  • T. Smith….2 rec, 16 yds = 2.6 pts
  • S. Watkins…..1 rec, 28 yds = 3.8 pts
  • Boldin……2 rec, 23 yds = 4.3 pts
  • Crabtree…..3 rec, 19 yds = 3.9 pts
  • D. Jackson…..3 rec, 15 yds = 5.4 pts

 *****All points based on CBS Sports PPR Scoring system…

Things we have learned from Week 15……..

  • Jeremy Hill’s production as the Bengals’ starter has been a quick progression that has pushed full steam ahead. Coming right out of training camp, everyone was on the Giovani Bernard bandwagon and drafting him as high as the 2nd round. Well, injuries are always an opportunity for backups to shine, which is exactly what Hill did as the starter. Hill is a true workhorse back and is averaging a flashy 4.95 ypc. He has taken hold of the job and will not be relinquishing it any time soon.
  •  Odell Beckham is a BEAST! Beckham  has been destroying defenses on a week to week basis. This past week it was the Washington Redskins on his list and he didn’t disappoint. He crushed Jim Haslett’s defense for 12 catches, 143 yards and 3 touchdowns, bringing his season line to 71/972/9 … in 10 games. Beckham is averaging 9 catches for 124 yards since replacing Victor Cruz in the starting lineup, and has cleared 90 yards 7-of-7 times. He has 61 catches, which is the most ever for a rookie in a seven-game span. His starting averages extrapolate to 139/1,979/14 for a full season. WOW!!!!!That yardage total would be the most all time.
  •  Johnny Manziel’s debut as a starter did not go as planned. The Browns ran an NFL season-low 38 offensive plays in a 30-0 loss Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, with Manziel throwing for just 80 yards and two interceptions. Manziel got minimal help from the rest of the offense and looked indecisive making throws down-field. The Browns’ offense was on the field for less than 21 minutes Sunday. He will learn real quick that the CB’s in the NFL are alot more explosive than that of the NCAA..

Drew Brees rose back to elite status with a 300+ and 3 TD performance….Jay Cutler looks about as reliable as a deadbeat Dad who hasn’t paid child support in over 10 years….The Chicago O-Line is revolving faster than then the entrance door at Toys R Us during the Holiday Season….Harry Douglas looks to be a more than adequate replacement for Julio Jones while he is out….Aaron Rodgers showed he is human…Jordy Nelson must have been soaking his fingertips in 5W-30 since he could catch a cold in Buffalo…Drew Stanton got knocked out and his replacement, Ryan Lindley reminded us why he is Ryan Lindley.….The Cincinnati Bengals were throwing around more money signs than Pac Man Jones at the strip club…..There has been an APB put out for Peyton Manning and Emmanuel Sanders. Has anyone seen them at a bus stop anywhere?….Mark Sanchez proved why the NY Jets let him go and told him he needed to stick to visits to the Playboy Mansion. This is the one place he may be able to HIT on open target!!!!!!!!!!


Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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