State of the Flyers: Riddle Me This!


The state of Flyers hockey is more of a riddle than poetry.  Here are some riddles for you… I wear a number 5 and love to turn the puck over?  Or, I am a right handed defenseman who skates in mud, who am I?  Try this, I was paid $30 million over six years and cannot get the puck out of my zone, and no other teams even wanted my services, who am I?

Next, we would be a number 7 defenseman on any other team, who are we?  Get my point!  The Flyers entire defensive core is a disgrace! If I see another moment when Braydon Coburn Coburnis behind the net with no pressure and the other team is on a line change, and then watch him ice the puck, I will throw the remote through the TV!  How about when DelZotto or MacDonald reverse the puck for no reason, and then create a self-imposed fore-check!

Then you have Nicholas Grossman…love his effort, but talk about skating in cement!  Now Nick, can I Grossmancall you Nick?  Please use your size and bury someone.  Also, clear the crease with anger and take a head off or two.  If I bring up Luke Schenn, this author won’t have enough time to include my “why did you trade JVR for this piece cr@p rant!”   Next article, the forwards…uggh!  Those are my thoughts, how about you?


Reported By:

Dan “Old School” Green

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