Vince McMahon Buys Into UFC?


What if Vince McMahon bought into the UFC? What if that was the plan all along?

Let’s all face the facts that the World of Professional Wrestling does not offer the same token of excitement that it once did when it was an era maligned in tumultuous success. The wrestlers basically marketed themselves and the promoters took care of their perspective territories making sure the promotion was a credible entity. Times have changed and now we live in an era of monthly storylines where part time wrestlers come and go as they please, leaving fans waiting for a change. A change in creative philosophy can go a long way into spiking ratings back to respectability and helping a good product become great again.

There have been so many instances over the years where the creative juices started to flow within the company that lead to a following of more fans coming back to the forefront. The Attitude Era, CM Punks Pipe bomb, the Draft, and the array of suspenseful General Managers are all examples of something to keep the audience interested and talking.

One of the biggest instances was the eventual sale of WCW to form one giant entity. The whole wrestling world was shocked at these developments and surprised in which the manner they took place. In buying up the competition, it opened up a creative centerpiece for storylines to be depicted from on a weekly basis.

This all brings me to the CM Punk situation that has grown legs over the last couple of weeks. Let me first start off by saying the WWE is in desperate need of doing something to captivate their audience, which is why Sting was brought in ahead of schedule at Survivor Series.  Their ratings are low and their product is stale. WWE needs something to spark a controversy, make media waves, or just get more people to watch their product. What if this something was CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon, and Dana White?

Before you slam down my concept, please let me elaborate and keep in mind this is an editorial piece, not credible information.  After CM Punk left, there was no real Full Time Superstar to max out the ratings other than John Cena. This lead to the makeup of a full time Hunter and Stephanie Authority, a part time Champion, the return of the anonymous GM  and unexpected appearances of Vince McMahon. The ratings were still lower than expected and the chants of CM Punk were being poured out in every arena across the world. What if Vince was doing what is best for business? What if he is doing a calculated move to keep his company moving in a positive manner? What if he bought into the MMA Conglomerate, UFC?

Here’s something to think about it. Is a surprise that Brock Lesanr’s TV appearances have been limited and cancelled prior to the announcement by CM Punk? Is anyone at all curious why CM Punk all of a sudden decided to tell his side of the story? This all was followed up by a Stone Cold and Vince podcast to answer some of the remarks made by Punk; leading to the eventual announcement by Punk himself to join UFC in 2015. What if the anonymous GM was in fact the owner of UFC, Dana White? This could lead to a first ever UFC bout during WrestleMania.

As I stated above, this is just my opinion of what could happen and why it makes sense. One thing is for sure; it would definitely give us more suspense inside of the WWE and bring a lot more fans into the fold.

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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