Stars for Week 14                                                                                         

QB:—- D. Brees (CAR)

RB:—- L. Bell (@CIN), D. Murray (@CHI)

WR:— J. Gordon (IND), O. Beckham (@TEN), D. Thomas (BUF)


Stiffs for Week 14

QB:— J. Flacco (@MIA)

RB: — S. Jackson (@GB), G. Bernard (PIT)

WR: — J. Matthews (@SEA), R. Wayne (@ CLE), M. Floyd (KC)


Sleepers:—- M. Ryan (@GB), Charles Johnson (NYJ), D. Adams (ATL)

Busts: — E. Royal (NE), C. Shorts (HOU), E. Decker (@MIN)


Fantasy Playoffs Start This Week!!!!!!!!!

*****Last week’s stats……..

Stars 2/5 **(Ellington Injury)……Stiffs 4/6……Busts 2/3…..Sleepers 3/3………


Poll Question of the Week…..

Will Bryan Hoyer finish this weeks game without being benched for Johnny Football?



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