Week 12 Fantasy Fallout

Week 12 Fantasy Football Recap

Standout Stars and Substandard Stiffs



  • Brees……420 yds 3 TD/ 1 INT…15 yds Rushing = 38.5 pts
  • Romo……275 yds 4 TD… = 37.6 pts
  • P. Manning……257 yds 4 TD…. = 36.7 pts
  • Tannehill….228 yds 3 TD….15 yds Rushing 1 TD = 34.9 pts
  • E. Manning….338 yds 3 TD/ 1 INT… = 32.9 pts


  • Forsett….182 yds, 2 TD….2 rec, 8 yds = 33 pts
  • C.J. Anderson……..167 yds, 1 TD….4 rec, 28 yds = 29.5 pts
  • Forte…..89 yds, 2 TD…5 rec, 23 yds = 28.2 pts
  • Lacy….125 yds, 1 TD….2 rec, 13 yds, 1 TD = 27.8 pts
  • L. Murray….112  yds, 2 TD… = 23.2 pts


  • Thomas…..10 rec, 87 yds, 3 TD = 36.7 pts
  • Beckham Jr.…..10 rec, 146 yds 2 TD = 36.4 pts
  • Boldin…..9 rec, 137 yds, 1 TD = 28.7 pts
  • Bryant….7 rec, 86 yds, 2 TD = 27.6 pts
  • Wright…5 rec, 36 yds, 2 TD = 20.6 pts



  • RGIII…..106 yds, 11 Rushing yds = 6.40 pts
  • Stanton….. 149 yds, 1 INT, 23 Rushing yds = 7.8 pts
  • Cutler….130 yds, 1 TD = 12.5 pts
  • Stafford…264 yds 1 INT, 18 Rushing yds. = 13 pts


  • Gore…..36 yds….. = 3.6 pts
  • Bell……48 yds…1 rec, -2 yds = 5.6 pts
  • Miller…..59 yds….1 rec, 8 yds = 7.7 pts
  • Bernard….45 yds….2 rec, 22 yds = 8.7 pts
  • McKinnon…..54 yds….3 rec, 9 yds = 9.3 pts


  • Floyd…..ZERO……ZERO……
  • Bowe…..3 rec, 42 yds = 7.2 pts
  • C. Johnson……4 rec, 58 yds = 9.8 pts
  • Cobb…..4 rec, 58 yds = 9.8 pts
  • Gates…..2 rec, 14 yds = 3.4 pts
  • Davis…..3 rec, 21 yds = 5.1 pts
  • Donnel…2 rec, 24 yds = 4.4 pts

 *****All points based on CBS Sports PPR Scoring system…

Things we have learned from Week 12……..

  • The Miami Dolphins are looking like they are for real and have built up a real  nice offensive system. One of their centerpieces is becoming rookie WR Jarvis Landry. He was one of  my prime PPR pickup suggestions a few weeks back and is starting pay dividends. His since week 9…24 rec, 205 yds, & 4 TD’s….These are excellent WR2 numbers!


  • Odell Beckham Jr. took the world of social media by storm with his amazing one handed catch. The O’Dog is starting to show why he was heralded coming out of college and is starting to make the teams who passed on him second guessing. Over the last 4 weeks he has compiled a stat line of 41 rec, 503 yds, & 2 TD’s..This guy is for real!


  • Can we finally put the rest the notion of Trent Richardson ever being a number one option. The teams consistently floats the idea that T-Rich is their guy, but their actions never convey the same message. This week it was rookie RB Dan “Boom” Herron who took the lion share of the carries and actually looked like an established offensive player. He out carried T- Rich 17/13 and looks to offer a good RB2 potential for the rest of the year.


  • Coming into this year, this rookie WR class was being hyped as one, if not, the best ever. They sure have not disappointed. Over the last 3 weeks they have really turned it on as Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, and Kelvin Benjamin all are in the Top 20.


Emmanuel Sanders has surpassed 100 yards in 7 of 11 games this year. He has been a fantasy STUD this year and well worth the 6th/7th rounds selection in the preseason drafts…..Justin Forsett looks like the second coming of MJD in his prime. Thank god for him Ray Rice is a wife beater….RGIII looks like he couldn’t beat out Ryan Leaf for a starting gig right now…..Matt Stafford still looks as lost as a blind man trying to cross an interstate when he plays a tough defense……Isaiah Crowell has shown why it was easy to let Ben Tate go. He shredded the Atlanta Falcons for 2 TD and showed he has more moves then a sober James Brown…Derek Carr is looking like he may actually be a relevant QB for the Raiders…….Josh Gordon is back and went from burning weed to burning defenders…..Tennessee is so bad right now, they look like they could get beat by a division III school….Does anyone notice that recycled coaches do not work, ala Lovie Smith…….The Cincinnati Bengals are 7-3-1 and are as entertaining as  a Barack Obama news conference……Demaryius Thomas catches TD’s like a Vegas prostitute catches an STD….Eddie Lacy continues to play at a higher level than his preseason predictions….John Brown is being compared to Marvin Harrison, Wow…..Don’t look now, but Seattle is starting to roll…Could we be seeing a New England vs. Seattle Super Bowl?

Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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