Waiver Worthy: Digging Deep for Your Playoff Run

As the fantasy playoffs approach, you must look to beef up your bench in order to gear up for the stretch run. Making sure you have a reliable 2nd Quarterback in case of injury and a solid RB foundation to be able to plug in for extra points are integral parts of fantasy football strategy.  You  must always think about the unforeseen events that may happen, as the waiver wire in most leagues becomes locked for the playoff season. Luckily, with all the ups and downs of the NFL Season, there are still some serviceable talents on the waiver wire and a few that could pay BIG dividends for the rest of the way based on injury replacements or favorable schedules.

If the following players are available and you have room on your roster, now is the time to make a move……

Ryan Tannehill 

  • He now has at least 20 Fantasy points in six of his past eight games and is playing on a Miami Dolphins team who is clicking on all cylinders right now.

Eli Manning

  • Yes Eli is inconsistent, but the Giants Offense has been efficient as of late and they finally have their running game in place with Rashad Jennings. Let’s not forget the up and coming TE Larry Donnel and Rookie Odell Beckham Jr.

Latavius Murray

  • On a team with two aging players in MJD and Darren McFadden, it only makes sense for the Raiders to hand over the reigns to their rookie to see what they have for the future. He exploded on the scene for 112yds and 2 TD against a Chiefs team that is solid against the run. He did suffer a concussion in that game, so be aware of his status going forward. If healthy he could provide a nice jolt on a team looking for a RB2.

Dan “Boom” Herron

  • Dan was electric in the preseason, but third behind 2 RB’s who already had their role etched in stone on the roster. We all know about the lackluster T-Rich and the unfortunate injury to Ahmad Bradshaw, who was having a spectacular season. The rookie got the start on Sunday and showed he is ready for an expanded role. Anytime you have a RB on a high powered offense, they are bound to score some points. I actually think Herron could be a RB1 for the stretch of the season.

Kenny Stills

  • Kenny Stills is no stranger to the waiver wire, but seemed to be a forgotten claim this year seeing how rookie WR Brandin Cooks flew onto the scene. Well times have changed as Cooks is on IR, Marques Colston leads the league in drops, and Jimmy Graham is constantly getting double teamed. All this leads to Kenny being the go to guy down the stretch for Drew Brees. He could be a handy WR2 on a team that scores and throws a lot.

Charles Johnson

  • All of a sudden a Minnesota Vikings WR has Fantasy Football PPR relevancy. All preseason we heard about Cordarrelle Patterson and we are all still waiting for him to arrive. Well Teddy Bridgewater has gotten tired of waiting and has started looking Johnson’s way each and every game.

These are some of my most popular PPR pickups for this week to help you in to the playoffs. If you have dead weight like Doug Martin, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Pierre Garcon sitting on your bench, look to add some of these guys above. They offer more upside and potential than the guys your drafted to be studs, but are still floating around the bottom. It’s sink or swim time in fantasyland, so if you don’t want to drown in mediocrity, add some new talent throw some of those stiffs off your boat!


Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)

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