2014 Fantasy Football Under-performing Stars

brady bress

We are 6 weeks into the Fantasy Football season and there are plenty of surprises that continue to have us scratching our heads. This is what most of us refer to as the halfway point and a time where we need to decide to hold out hope or cut all loses.

There’s a long list of under-performing stars that have not only let us down, but keep our stomachs turning on a weekly basis. The reasons for lackluster performances can range anywhere between injury and team performance.  Either way you carve it up, it still amounts to a long and frustrating season that is full of squandering opportunities.

The following players below are my current under-performing stars in the 2014 fantasy football season. These stars have not lived up to their hype and, depending on where they were drafted, could be killing your squad.

***All stats are based on CBS Sports scoring with 1pt for every 10yds and 6pts for a TD.


  • Drew Brees — Brees has been an elite Fantasy Quarterback for the last 5 years, but this year he has come back down to earth and showed he is human. He was drafted this year to be in the upper echelon on quarterbacks, not in the back-end of the Top 20.

Current Rank = #18

  • Tom Brady – We can almost echo the same sentiments above for Tom terrific, as he definitely has not lived up to expectations. Tom was also drafted as a tier 1 quarterback, but has produced more like a backup. His production seems to be based upon the lack of talent at many key positions, but after his week 6 performance of 361yds and 4tds this week, those thoughts may begin to change.

Current Rank = #12


Running Backs

  •  Lesean McCoy – This one is still a head scratcher. How can one of, if not the best running backs in the league be stymied inside of a Chip Kelly offense. He came into this year as the #1 ranked RB, but with a lack of burst and numerous offensive line injuries, he has been nothing short of brutal. He did manage to gain 149yds on the ground this last week so this, along with getting the rest of his O-line back after a bye week should be just what he needs to get back on track.

  Current Rank = #16

  • Eddie Lacy – The Green Packers have one of the most dynamic offenses in all of the NFL, but for some reason Eddie Lacy has not been able to get going. Eddie busted on the scene last year with 1178yds, 35rec, 257yds and 11td’s. He was one of the top 5 running backs selected in all drafts, but has now been delegated into a timeshare with James Starks. When you draft a top 5 RB, the word 3rd down back or timeshare are two phrases that should never be entered into a conversation.

 Current Rank = #21


Wide Receivers

  • Calvin Johnson – Oh how the mighty have fallen. Fantasy Football’s #1 fantasy receiver is having a horrific season so far marred with injury and misuse. The year started off well with him being the Calvin we know by accumulating 164yds and 2 tds, leaving all the owners who drafted him so high extremely happy. However, he has plummeted to the bottom quickly because of an ankle injury and for the unusual role of being a decoy. I’m sorry, but if I am the general manager of the Lions and I was paying him millions of dollars, I’d expect him to be more than a disguisable figure on the field.

 Current Rank = #34

  • Larry Fitzgerald – I think this pick could go either way as it all depends on where this player was drafted. Either way I look at it, Fitz should without a doubt be better than he is right now.  I understand Carson Palmer has been a hurt and Michael Floyd has started to rise to Fantasy Relevance, but he is definitely worthy of better all around numbers.

Current Rank = #58

  • Keenan Allen – After a fabulous freshman year, Keenan looked like he established himself as the #1 wide receiver for Phillip Rivers by hauling in a line of 71rec. 1046yds and 8td’s. However, this year has become the complete opposite as he looks to be cemented in as the 3rd or 4th option with the resurgence of Antonio Gates and Eddie Royal. It looks like he will be an inconsistent option all year long.

Current Rank = #44

  • Percy Harvin – Percy has battled through injuries in the past in order to establish himself as a dual threat, running and receiving the football. He looked well on his way to being a PPR monster on a team with a fantastic running game and very little wide receiver presence. This looked like the perfect scenario for Harvin, but instead has turned into a wasted weapon who has yet to record more than 60yds receiving in a game this year.

 Current Rank = #60

This is my list of undervalued stars at the half way point of this season. There are many scenarios that you may come up with in order to ride out the wave like hoping for rejuvenation or simply cutting ties and sending them to another owner. In the game of fantasy there are no prizes for player loyalty, just prizes for first place!

***Look for my overwhelming players of the years so far in the next coming days and please leave your comments below…..

 Reported By:

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23)


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