Soaring Without Desean


Can the Eagles be productive without Desean Jackson…? A few weeks ago when this rumor came out it was almost instantly dispelled, but now it seems like it has some legs. As we approach the NFL free agency period, the Philadelphia Eagles are exploring any and all options to upgrade their roster, including the ability to get players that buy into what Chip Kelly is preaching. This could be the very reason why Desean may be being shopped. Chip is on the record as saying, “he doesn’t like small bodied receivers who have a Me first attitude,” something we all know fits Desean like a tight glove.

Desean Jackson, after being drafted in the 2nd round in the 2008 draft, has propelled himself to star status by being selected to 2 Pro Bowls, one of them as 2 positions. This the first time a player has ever been selected at 2 positions, just showing how electric Desean can be. In his first year in Chip Kelly’s offense, Jackson turned in the bestdesean2 statistical year (82/1332/9) of his career. He was a spark plug in the Eagles attack, sometimes being used as a decoy to open up things for guys like Brent Celek and Riley Cooper. Unfortunately, after this stellar year, it came out in the newspapers that Desaen started to question his value and began chirping about a new contract. I think this is where the marriage started to become on edge as it brought back memories of Terrell Owens and what that situation did to the team.

While the trading of NFL receivers rarely happens, it sure seems like the Eagles are destined to make this move work. There have been talks as of yesterday about the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs being serious suitors in the Desean Jackson sweepstakes. Let’s say this moves does happen and he gets traded. What happens next? Are the Eagles looking to make a splash in the draft by trying to move up and get a guy like Sammie Watkins or Mike Evans? Maybe they are thinking they can get by with Maclin, Cooper, Ertz, and a free agent signing like Julian Edleman or Hakeem Nicks. In my opinion, Desean was one of the main reason guys like Riley Cooperdesean3 had such a big year. He forces teams to play their safety over top, leaving a hole in the middle of the field and no help in the box against the running game. Neither one of the guys mentioned above give off the same presence and attracts the same attention.

The Eagles have some major holes to fill like Linebacker, Defensive Line and Safety. The money they save with trading Desean, could give them the flexibility to sign all 3, making the defense a significant upgraded unit from last year.  One thing is for sure, nobody knows what Chip Kelly is thinking, but he has proved that his offense works in the NFL.  The question is can it work without Desean Jackson? Thoughts?

Reported By: Tony Cutillo

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