Hulkamania reborn in WWE?

The world of professional wrestling seems like it changes more often than the jet stream of cold air in the Great Lakes every season, constantly shifting positions from one side of the map to the other. Storylines come and go, being adjusted along the way for various reasons, including, but not limited too, fan popularity or venue changes. Wrestlers also change promotions along the way for the sake of bettering themselves or simply because both parties (wrestler and owner) deem it for the best. This all leads me into the topic of the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Hulk is one of, if not the best wrestlers of all time that has performed for all of the high profile promotions (WWE, WCW, TNA) to take his character global.

After his illustrious career as a professional wrestler,Hulk decided to throw his hat into the general manager pool, inking himself a contract, in hulk-hogan-sues-doctors-john-cena-giOctober of 2009, with TNA wrestling in the hopes of solidifying a product that could be branded to his resume. In his three year stint, he was a storyline developer, wrestled in some great matches (Sting, Flair), and was an innovating preacher of change. These changes included:

·Going to the name Impact Wrestling
· No more 6 sided ring
·New talent (Jeff Hardy, RVD, etc)
·Went live and head to head with WWE Raw

Obviously, not all of these changes proved to be successful,but I do think they definitely were bold in trying to lead them down the right path to success. In my opinion, one of the miscalculations was the constant focus on the older talent within the roster, instead of the future, similar to what led to the downfall of WCW. It is impossible to keep paying a roster of outdated superstars millions of dollars without the influx of younger,affordable talent and stay profitable. Consequently, after all the ups and downs throughout his reign, Hulk Hogan, as of October 13, 2013, is a free agent. This brings me to the idea of him returning to the WWE for one last run. I certainly understand he is 60 years old and his body is not what it once was,but a return for an inevitable Wrestlemania XXX (30) match could prove to be ingenious. There could be so many storylines for Hulk to collaborate, like the following:

· Surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble on the road to WM XXX

·Head to head versus the Undertaker and the streak
·Appointing him GM of Raw as he and Vince join forces to begin a power struggle with Triple H and Stephanie

dreammatch There are many scenarios that could be thrilling if Hulk Hogan returns to the WWE roster in some  capacity.  Will it happen? Sure it can. Is there a possibility? Sure there is. The current storylines are wrapped around the phrase “Best for Business” and I couldn’t think as to why one, last Hulkamania run would be any   different.

***What ways, if any, do you think Hogan could be used?
 BY:Tony Cutillo
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