New Era Approaching

After watching the Eagles game on replay the other night, I feel I learned a lot about what to expect from the current Philadelphia Eagles team this year and what to expect in the near future. There seems to be a newfound presence of surprise and confidence that has been instilled into the players by new head coach Chip Kelly. Chip has been seen on the sidelines acting like a giddy little kid who is awaiting a gift onchip Xmas morning. There is a special aura about him that breathes confidence and certainty into the locker room, something that had been lacking in the previous regime. In Philadelphia, the fans have been clamoring for change and the ability to improve a franchise that has been in a downward spiral since 2008. It has become apparent, after watching the first two preseason games, they have indeed received that change in more ways than they could have imagined.

Following a dismal 2012/13 season, my expectations were down due to the fact there was a major coaching change, intermingled with an entirely new culture and system. In the National Football League, change is something that every organization will eventually go through, but during the trial and tribulations of implementing new focus to a game these players have been playing for a long time, it will at times become slow and stalled. However, it seems as though the players have quickly bought into this new system and look to be clicking on more cylinders this early in the year than most people had expected. The offense looks smooth and exciting in every facet of the game, on the field and along the sidelines. Along those same lines, first round pick Lane Johnson, is showing every one across the league why there was so much hype surrounding him, making it look like the Eagles finally made the right call on a draft pick. The Andy Reid era was full of mishaps and busts, so hopefully this is a sign that we are headed in the right direction.

In regards to leading, the Quarterback controversy has finally been wrapped up with Michael Vick, the obvious choice, to be the winner. Vick has shown anvick undeniable desire to learn, play and win. He looks extremely confident and poised in the pocket, which are all attributes that could lead to a big, successful year. Understandably, Nick Foles was given proper consideration and a fair shot as well, but if anyone can say there was equality in the speed and tightness of their throws, they need to get a new prescription. I completely understand the basis of many arguments in regards to age and durability, but what if everything comes together this year? What if this system really is tailor-made for him and he does have the best year of his career at the age of 33? I would like to conclude with the following thought: If Vick indeed does have a career year, do the Eagles sign him to an extension to go all in or do they continue the current youth movement? Just something to think about as this year progresses!

BY: @TCutillo23

Published by Tony Cutillo

I am an enthusiastic sports and entertainment lover that likes to debate and conversate the most pressing issues in the business today. The world is full of people who like to exaggerate they way they feel to push public perception, but I am not one of them. I like to keep to the facts and report all sources that help me come to my conclusions. I hope you enjoy my articles!

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