Flacco on the Eagles Radar?

JoeFlaccoMVP_crop_exactAs the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly continue to fill up their coaching staff,  there have been many different stories elaborating on the decision to keep Michael Vick or to stick with Nick FolesChip Kelly has been very secretive in his approach so far this offseason and has let out very little information as to what direction he may be headed.  In my honest opinion I still think he comes here twith the vision of running his innovative system, not to adjust by any means according to personnel.  This goes in tune with reports coming out in the press that Kelly has had numerous conversations with Michael Vick and only a brief talk with Nick Foles.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that he is intrigued by the idea of Vick running his system.  However,  this would go against everything he said his ideal quarterback would be defined in, which is durability and protection of the football.


Along with all the speculation,  comes a story out of Baltimore that quarterback Joe Flacco is entrenched in an ongoing contract battle that could be worth keeping an eye on.  Flacco was a betting man last offseason when he chose to turn down the Ravens offer to be paid as a top 5 quarterback.  Obviously,  after his postseason success and being named in the company of Joe Montana,  definitely makes the decision look brilliant.  The negotiations have now started out as the agent asking for Flacco to be paid as the best quarterback in the NFL,  which is increasingly unlikely for a team who has documented cap problems and players who are unwilling to restructure their current contracts.  This brings the Ravens to mull the options of the non exclusive and exclusive franchise tag respectively.  Under the exclusive tag Flacco would be set to earn $20.5 million this year, but could only negotiate with the Ravens.  On the other hand,  under the non exclusive tag,  Flacco would be due $14.6 million,  but would be able to negotiate with other teams,  giving Baltimore the right to match.  However,  if they decide to pass,  they would be compensated with two first round picks from the opposing team in the process.

All of this brings me to the question, ” would the Eagles do this deal?”  This could be exactly what Chip Kelly needs to make a splash and to make his team successful.  While I do not think he is the best quarterback in the NFL,  he is definitely good enough to be a stallwort behind center for the next five years.  All of the issues would be solved and there would be no reasons to worry about if or when that first round pick is going to pan out and earn his roster bonus.  This would be a historic move that could give us comfort at a position we haven’t seen since  Donovan McNabb in his prime.  Unfortunately,  the fate is in the hands of the Ravens,  but it is a question definitely worth dissecting!

By: Tony Cutillo ( @TCutillo23 )

Published by Tony Cutillo

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