A Giant Smoke Screen…..


In the December 31st press conference to announce the firing of Andy Reid,  Jeffery Lurie used words like, innovative, enthusiastic, and strong leadership to describe what the Philadelphia Eagles were looking for in the next head coach.  Could it be that he was actually talking about Brian Kelly, head coach of Notre Dame?  The Eagles have been linked to several college coaches so far this during this search, but do not seem to be interested in many ex-NFL coaches, like Jon Gruden or Bill Cohwer.  It seems like they are looking for the next “Big” thing at the collegiate level that is ready to explode on the NFL scene and command plenty of media attention.

Kelly has been coaching for a long time and has recently started his stint at Notre Dame in 2009, when he took over for Charlie Wiess.  This was a very special year, in which he led the Irish to a 12-0 record and a spot in the National Championship game.  He seemingly rebuilt a program that was on a downturn by using his strong leadership and experience.  In other words,  the same thing Lurie is looking for in someone who can do the same thing for his franchise.  A quick turnaround to become the successful team it once was before.

The Eagles wasted no time letting their feelings be known by interviewing Kelly the day after the championship game.  Kelly is said to be flattered by the invitation to interview for NFL coaching jobs, and is said to have a mutual interest in the Philadelphia Eagles vacancy, per national reports (Chris Mortenson, ESPN).  If this is the case, I see no reason why this can’t come into fruition.  Consequently,  the Eagles were said to be major players in the Chip Kelly sweepstakes, but all along in may have been a giant smoke screen to kill time waiting to interview the real Kelly they actually wanted to help bring their franchise back to the promised land!


Published by Tony Cutillo

I am an enthusiastic sports and entertainment lover that likes to debate and conversate the most pressing issues in the business today. The world is full of people who like to exaggerate they way they feel to push public perception, but I am not one of them. I like to keep to the facts and report all sources that help me come to my conclusions. I hope you enjoy my articles!

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